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The Web3 gaming landscape is set to witness a major shift as Sugartown, a groundbreaking Web3 gaming project by Zynga, unveils the minting details for its much-anticipated Oras collection. The excitement is palpable as the announcement reveals that there will be a total of 9,999 NFTs, which will be minted for free on September 13th. However, there’s a catch! The minting is exclusive to only five countries: the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. So, if you’re residing in one of these countries and are eager to get your hands on these NFTs, mark your calendars and make sure to verify your mint eligibility on Sugartown’s official website.

But that’s not all! Sugartown has kept its audience engaged with a series of informative tweets, ensuring potential minters are well-prepared and in the loop:

  1. Upcoming Event Alert: Sugartown is hosting a special session on September 7th at 11 AM PT, where discussions will revolve around ‘jpeganomics’, minting, and everything Sugartown. The guest of honor for this event is @Zeneca. Make sure you RSVP and don’t miss out on this!
  2. Minting Phases: Sugartown has strategized the minting process into three phases:
    • Phase 1: Dedicated mints for LVL 3-4, Twitter AL, Collab AL.
    • Phase 2: A private First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) exclusive for LVL 2 and those lucky Premint winners.
    • Phase 3: An open FCFS for the remaining NFTs. However, here’s a heads up: 100% of the mint is allocated to the allowlists, meaning the public phase does not guarantee minting for everyone.
  3. Distribution Details: Out of the total collection size of 9,999 NFTs, Sugartown has allocated 6,000 for the mint supply. The remaining 3,999 NFTs are reserved explicitly for rewarding holders and aiding the growth and expansion of Sugartown’s ecosystem.
  4. Eligibility Criteria: Here’s a crucial piece of information for all eager minters. The minting process is restricted to those aged 18 and above, and only those residing in the aforementioned five countries will be allowed. If you’re from outside these countries, you won’t be able to connect your wallet for the minting.
  5. Beware of Imposters: In their commitment to ensure a safe minting environment, Sugartown warns its community of potential malicious actors. Always double-check that you’re interacting with official Sugartown accounts before making any move.

TL;DR: Sugartown, by Zynga, has released minting details for its Oras collection, with 9,999 NFTs up for grabs on September 13th. This is exclusive to residents of the US, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Minting is structured in three phases, and 6,000 NFTs are designated for minting with 3,999 reserved for rewarding the ecosystem.