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Digital collectible card games using NFTs are gaining interest from both investors and players. There has been a 1500% increase in Google searches regarding such NFT offers.

Celebrity trading cards have been around for 100 years. With the growing interest in NFTs, these cards can take advantage of the emotional connection associated with tokens to make a big impact on the blockchain ecosystem.

A Celebrity Trading Card NFT platform can double this aspect – allowing users to buy, sell and trade digital cards of their favorite celebrities.

Embodying this concept is a former OnlyFans executive and a team of Web3 developers who have come together to create Zoop.

Zoop, a digital collectibles trading platform, will launch on Polygon. On Zoop, users will be able to buy, sell, trade and collect 3D digital trading cards of their favorite celebrities.

Authentic card open to all: Tim Stokely

Jupe will allow fans to officially obtain limited edition digital cards and sell them in the secondary market.

Co-founder, RJ Phillips describes Zoop as the home of authentic Celebrity Card Drops that will give all fans, regardless of their expertise, the chance to interact with the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

In order to make the experience viable for newcomers, Zoop is ready to provide complete instructions regarding the following:

  1. Buying digital collectibles through the auction process
  2. Display trading cards to better represent audiences
  3. Allowing entry into communities and rewarding users for interacting with them positively

Gamification of blockchain has become the most accessible way for newcomers to interact with the blockchain ecosystem. Experts predict that by 2026, blockchain gaming will increase to $147 billion. Zoop is taking advantage of this fast-growing market, combining an influencer-powered economy with a blockchain platform to provide a way for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities.

Who is the founder of Zoop?

The Zoop team will be led by co-CEOs RJ Phillips and Tim Stokely, a tech entrepreneur and formerly CEO of OnlyFans.

Tim will join the team to launch this summer – leveraging his extensive knowledge of the maker economy (the foundation of OnlyFans). RJ Phillips will bring its scaling capabilities. Together, they aim to transform Zoop into a global trading card ecosystem catering to fans and influencers.

priority Pass

The Zoop team is offering a limited number of Priority Passes ahead of the initial launch. It will provide early adopters of the Zoop platform with a slew of perks, including:

  1. suffrage
  2. Access to virtual and real world events
  3. XP Boost within the Ecosystem
  4. Exclusive Mint with fellow artists
  5. No in-app trading fees
  6. monthly gift
  7. Access to Private Discord Channel
  8. Bonus NFT Rewards

Zoop will launch three batches of passes and will later stop production. The maximum supply of passes is 35,000, and foundry prices start at $150.

zoop celebrity program

To provide celebrities and influencers with new places to earn money, Zoop will also launch the Celebrity Program. The most notable feature of this initiative is the referral program.

The referral program essentially turns users into brand ambassadors. They get a unique referral code or link that they can share with their followers on social media. Zoop’s referral bot then tracks the referrals. Once the referral is successful, users are provided with an incentive.

To login to Zoop’s referral program, users need to create an account, log in and generate a unique referral code from the referral section on their respective dashboard. They can then share the code with their followers, who are added to the user’s referral list when they join the platform using the referral link.

Celebrities can promote their cards and receive incentives based on the number of cards sold.

Why is Zoop launching on Polygon?

Zoop will build the NFT marketplace on top of the Polygon blockchain. When asked why, the developers said that, like Zoop, Polygon also aims to make Web3 inclusive. The golden combination of low transaction fees and high transaction speed will ensure that Zoop is accessible and secure.

Another reason behind the choice of Zoop is the aim to create a sustainable crypto ecosystem. Blockchain is committed to making NFTs carbon-negative by the end of 2022, which Zoop wants to leave behind.


Polygon is a technology platform that allows blockchain networks to connect and scale. It is a layer-two scaling solution network that runs with Ethereum to accelerate transaction fees and reduce transaction fees.

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What makes Zoop special?

Following are the distinctive features of the Zoop platform:

  1. Simple UI: It has implemented a simple and beautiful user interface to allow newcomers to interact profitably with the ecosystem.
  2. Built on Polygon Blockchain: Being built on the Polygon blockchain, the Zoop marketplace will be cheaper than the NFTs found on other platforms.
  3. Control of Influencers: It allows influencers to connect with the community on their own terms.
  4. Long term association: Zoop will enable users to participate in challenges, earn rewards and trade Celebrity Trading Cards. With these utilities, Zoop aims to build long-term engagement with users.


Interest in digital collectible card games is on the rise, and Zoop is another addition to those games. It promises an inclusive ecosystem that allows even people who lack crypto knowledge to interact with the blockchain. Referral programs aim to provide incentives to users and celebrities alike.

Batch 1 of Priority Pass NFT is live from 18th May 2022. At the time of this writing, Zoop Discord says there are 7500 Priority Passes left.

The current price of Priority Pass is 0.074ETH. No official launch date has been given yet. However, we’ve asked about Zoop’s discord about it, and moderators are saying the launch is likely on June 23, 2022.

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