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The latest in the case between WWE and Panini.

On Friday, October 13, Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics provided an update on the legal case between the two sides.

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According to Thurston, WWE recently filed an injunction against Panini in an effort to get the company to stop selling WWE trading cards. Previously, WWE tried to get a temporary restraining order against Panini for the same reason, but the motion was denied by the judge.

According to the new filing, Panini allegedly told WWE in 2022 that they were planning to merge with Fanatics. In Spring 2023, that deal fell apart, which in turn led to more than 35 employees resigning from Panini. Many of those employees allegedly worked on WWE related products.

WWE also alleges that Panini ran behind on inventory, while also failing to provide purchase orders and respond to routine requests from WWE.

In September, WWE alleged that Panini failed to uphold their end of the contract, as they failed to create trading card games or digital trading cards. In the new filing, WWE states that they were entitled to terminate the deal with Panini on August 25, 2023, which they did. Despite the deal being terminated, Panini has yet to quit selling product related to the company.

Fightful will continue to update fans on the latest regarding Panini and WWE. In the meantime, fans can check out the lineup for the October 13 episode of WWE SmackDown by clicking here.