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Barrett M82A1 NFTs, modeled precisely from original 3D CADs, are now available for purchase. The collaboration between Digital Arms and Barrett Firearms signals the world’s first-ever IP-licensed digital collectable in the firearm industry.

That fact gives these NFTs a unique and blockchain-verifiable place in history. Their official endorsement by the famed gun company creates another level of credibility, elevating desirability among digital-asset collectors.

Barrett NFTs can also be used as functional assets in popular video and computer games, a fact that may increase their demand and popularity as well. NFT use by the gaming industry is projected to grow to a $15 billion market by 2027, according to some sources.

Only a limited number will be minted. Once this initial Digital Arms offering ends no more will be produced and trades or purchases will become the exclusive realm of those who already own one.

The sale web page currently lists the price at $29.99. Only 2,222 are being minted, with 101 of them being a more-valuable Legendary gold-skinned version. As of July 11, 658 had been sold—so there’s still time to score a digital .50 BMG. The company accepts credit cards or HNTR tokens for purchases.

There’s no denying the digital world is more entwined with our daily lives than ever before, and many view acquiring a piece of this digital future as a strategic investment. The NFTs also provide access to exclusive benefits within the Digital Arms ecosystem.

This launch is also exploring a potentially new revenue source for the firearm industry. Other companies are likely monitoring the performance of this sale, and value the NFTs in subsequent trading, carefully.

Depending on results, it may not prove a profitable venture for some firms. Despite the fact NFTs are digital, there is still an associated cost to mint and market them.