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Horizon Blockchain Games, a web3 infrastructure and gaming company, and Polygon Labs, a growth and development team for the Polygon protocols, announced a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing web3 infrastructure.

Horizon’s Sequence product is described as “a leading web3 developer platform: its modular all-in-one web3 developer stack and smart wallet provide the tools that will unlock improved scalability, security, and user experience for blockchain technology.”

Horizon has “integrated Sequence’s cutting-edge wallet and infrastructure stack with Polygon Supernets: a dedicated app-chains providing enterprises and other app developers the ability to customize and extend blockspace based on their needs.”

Sequence is “a recommended web3 wallet and infrastructure stack for projects to accelerate development on the highly-performant and customizable Polygon Supernets.”

The strategic alliance will “offer credits to encourage projects to build on Polygon Supernets with Sequence.”

Sequence will “provide a suite of seamless developer tools, including Sequence Wallet, Token & NFT APIs, Indexer, Relayer, Node Gateway, Marketplaces, and SDKs, to projects building and using Polygon Supernets, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon PoS.”

Sequence has a successful track record of “joining forces with Polygon, having collaborated on projects like SuperGaming’s Tower Conquest, Cool Cats, BoomLand, Magic Eden, Sunflower Land, and more.”

Now, Sequence is “providing developers and brands with a reliable suite of web3 tools through Sequence’s all-in-one stack.”

The strategic alliance aims “to enhance the overall web3 development and integration experience for everyone involved in the Polygon ecosystem.”

The strategic alliance is “built on top of a longstanding relationship between Horizon and Polygon Labs.”

In addition to Sequence, the Horizon team “built their web3 trading card game, Skyweaver, on the Polygon PoS due to the network’s scalability, environmental sustainability, and speed of transactions to ensure player experience is intuitive for Skyweaver’s players, most of whom are first-time web3 users.”

Peter Kieltyka, CEO of Horizon, said:

“We are thrilled to form this strategic alliance with Polygon Labs. Together, we’re building the infrastructure for the future of web3, providing developers with the tools they need to build decentralized applications that are secure, scalable, and accessible to all, while providing seamless, user-friendly experiences.”

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon Labs, said:

“Horizon is a long-standing collaborator in the Polygon ecosystem, and integrating their Sequence Wallet and developer stack into Polygon Supernets marks another significant stride in building web3 infrastructure on Polygon. Polygon Supernets provide a high-performance, low-cost, and interoperable solution for dApps, and with Sequence’s cutting-edge wallet and infrastructure stack, developers will have a more seamless and efficient way to build and innovate.”

This strategic alliance “between Horizon and Polygon Labs creates a clear path for brands and developers to enter the web3 ecosystem by offering credits to projects building on Polygon Supernets with Sequence.”

Through their all-in-one Sequence stack, Horizon says it “accelerates and simplifies web3 development and content creation, improves user experience, and makes web3 easy, fun, and accessible for everyone.”