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Lincoln Project has done it again. I particularly like it when the ditzy blonde has her mouth hanging open as she listens to the buffoonery of the host to her right, on the curvy couch, as though he was uttering prophecy. No wisdom or visions, merely an observation of how MAGA world has been had because Joe Biden did the unthinkable: he stole MAGA’s joke. Whut?

What’s that you say? Hasn’t MAGA heard that turnabout is fair play and all’s fair in love and culture war? Apparently not.

Now this jewel does exist, in fact, the Dark Brandon cup.

This is good. This is in line with the old “Give ‘Em Hell, Harry” referring to Truman in the late 40s. Here’s a link, if you want to swell the Biden coffers and give MAGAs a conniption fit.

At least Joe is selling something real, something that you can hold in your hand and use, and not some asinine digital trading card.

And then there’s this, for contrast. I wonder if Ivanka has trademarked it?

You may recall the origin of this image. Alvin Bragg did not have Trump do a mugshot, so Trump cobbled together a fake one and began fundraising off of it — which he intended to do with the Manhattan mug shot, but Bragg curtailed that plan, because he knew Trump would turn around and monetize it.

But that didn’t stop Donald. He managed to play the victim and grift, grift, grift.

And then there’s this terrific mug meme.

Start your collection of cherished MAGA family heirlooms today.