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Each pack contains a narrative-driven, playable character for WAGMI Defense, the inaugural mobile game from WAGMI Games.

The community-driven Web3 entertainment franchise WAGMI Games has revealed that its upcoming Founder’s Packs will be launched exclusively on the NFT marketplace OpenSea on September 27th. These Founder’s Packs, comprise 10,000 unopened card packs.

It’s developed in collaboration with Gadget-Bot, the renowned art studio behind designs in popular franchises like Transformers 4, Jurassic World, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty.

Each pack contains a narrative-driven, playable character for WAGMI Defense, the inaugural mobile game from WAGMI Games. The stories and characters featured in the Founder’s Packs will be seamlessly integrated into the dynamic and interconnected WAGMI Games universe.

Upon opening their cards, players will have the opportunity to employ and enhance their characters within WAGMI Defense. It’s essential to note that after opening the Founder’s Packs, they will be permanently burned and withdrawn from circulation.

This strategy imbues the primary collection on OpenSea with a highly deflationary characteristic, making it more scarce over time. The initial batch of 10,000 NFTs shall decrease as players open and burn their Founder’s Packs. Speaking on the development, Luis Trujillo, Co-founder of WAGMI Games said:

“We’re super excited to introduce this collection of one time cards that are a testament to the excitement that is card collecting in WAGMI Defense. And with the evolving of these cards into new rarities the supply becomes less and less which makes them more unique, special and rarer over time.”

Trading Cards on Immutable and Rarible

The cards will be tradable on layer-2 marketplaces, including Immutable and Rarible, while the unopened Founder’s Pack NFTs will remain exchangeable on the OpenSea platform. Additionally, users who have minted and revealed a Founder’s Pack will gain immediate access to the beta release of WAGMI Defense before the mobile game’s global launch.

WAGMI Games is on a mission to rekindle the thrill of unwrapping digital collectible cards with the introduction of Founder’s Packs. Each of these packs contains a blend of Rare, Epic, and Legendary variations of Founder’s cards, challenging players to complete the entire set comprising 32 Legendary card versions.

This launch of Founder’s Packs comes as a result of WAGMI Games’ collaboration with OpenSea, aligning with WAGMI’s vision to redefine the NFT landscape by establishing new standards in art, marketing, and utility. WAGMI is gearing up to unveil fresh NFT collections, such as the NiFe Wars comics, which will blur the boundaries between NFTs and digital storytelling.

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