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Uptrip rewards travelers every time they fly with digital trading
cards that provide perks such as free Wi-Fi or lounge access.

Joao Fernandes is venture development manager at the
Lufthansa Innovation Hub, where Uptrip is being developed.

Uptrip is a venture created within the Lufthansa Innovation
to combine gamification and loyalty for air travelers.

The app is currently available for consumers traveling on
any of the Lufthansa Group airlines.

Travelers scan their boarding pass to receive digital trading
cards. Once they complete a “collection” of cards, they can receive a reward,
such as award miles or free Wi-Fi or lounge access. Collections can be
completed with as little as one trip, to reward consumers that travel
infrequently, while larger collections provide rewards of greater value.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub venture development manager Joao
Fernandes presented the company during the Launch
competition at Phocuswright Europe 2023.

Fernandes explained that, because the cards are
stored on a blockchain, users have the option to connect them to a crypto wallet
and to mint the cards as NFTs, but they can also simply collect and trade the
cards in the app.

“Our hope, and that’s what we
want to prove with this venture, is that travelers will travel more with certain
airlines because they want certain trip cards,” he said.

“It’s not a substitute for the current airline loyalty programs,
it’s more like a complement – a gamified approach. And we hope it can bring
good results.”

Watch Fernandes’ Center Stage presentation below.

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