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Image for article titled Upper Deck Sues Ravensburger Over Allegedly Stolen Disney Game
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Upper Deck sent out a press release today stating that it is suing Ravensburger over the publication of Disney’s Lorcana, which it alleges was stolen from an Upper Deck original game by a game designer previously contracted by Upper Deck. Lorcana is a trading card game that has already received a lot of hype from both Disney collectors and trading card game enthusiasts.

“We invested significant time and resources to develop a new and novel trading card game. Our current leadership values the importance of protecting intellectual property of both Upper Deck and its licensors,” said Upper Deck president Jason Masherah in a press release. “We want gamers and fans to continue enjoying and having access to unique, innovative and immersive trading card games. We encourage competition in the industry, but also strongly believe in playing by the rules to ensure the gaming community benefits from the different creative choices by each manufacturer.”


io9 has recieved the Upper Deck complaint in full and is reviewing it. We have reached out to Ravensburger via its PR firm. We will update this article with more information as it is released.

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