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Death Stranding Director's Cut PS5

August is all wrapped up, and that means it’s time to start looking at the busy Fall lineup. Starting in September, the back end of the year is typically packed with big games for both PlayStation 5 and PS4. There’s something for everyone, too — various sports games make their annual appearance, first person shooters are marching forth, and there are one or two family friendly titles to boot. Let’s have a gander at what’s coming to store shelves in September and October 2021.

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NBA 2K22 – 10th September

2K Sports’ annual basketball sim returns, as you might expect. This year’s game will be on PS5 and PS4, and makes a number of improvements both on and off the court. The action has been tweaked, taking you deeper into the sport; the City will be integrated with MyCareer, and you’ll even be able to explore further options for star players, like a career in hip hop or fashion. There are lots of changes big and small coming to the game this year, and it should make for yet another excellent sim.

From the creators of Dishonored comes Deathloop, a first person action game about a man trapped in a 24-hour loop. In order to escape, you’ll need to find and kill a selection of baddies all within a single cycle. Before you get to that point, you’ll be using as many loops as it takes to gather information, work out the most efficient paths, and find clever solutions to make murdering your targets as quick and easy as possible. It sounds like one big fascinating puzzle, and we’ve no doubt it’ll be a fun time.

The Far Cry series returns, once again sporting a new setting, story, and antagonist. Set in a fictional portrayal of Cuba, you’ll be fighting back against Anton Castillo and his oppressive methods. It’s another exotic open world to explore, and will have all the explosive action you’ve come to expect from the franchise. Powerful weaponry, a variety of vehicles, and animal companions will see you through this action-packed adventure.

Battlefield has had some ups and downs lately, but it feels like this year’s entry will be a return to form. Battlefield 2042 brings the franchise to a near-future setting, and with no single player campaign in sight, it’s all about that signature multiplayer experience this time. In addition to the usual modes you’d expect, we also have Battlefield Portal, which allows users to create their own modes on favourite maps from past games, and Hazard Zone, a more intense co-op experience. With up to 128-player battles and a bunch of post-launch support, this could be a real winner.

More Upcoming PS5 and PS4 Games for September and October 2021

What PS5 and PS4 games will you be buying in September and October? Tell us in the comments section below.


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