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A lot of crypto users didn’t bat an eyelid when they heard of Donald Trump’s NFT. But that changed on Thursday, August 24th when Tucker Carlson, a popular media personality talked about it. In an interview, Carlson talked about Polygon-based Trump digital trading cards. The video went viral and got 110 Million views within hours of its broadcast. 

Impact of the Interview

Once the video grabbed eyeballs, its impact became visible in the markets. The price of the token jumped from 0.1 ETH ($150) to 0.13 ETH ($215) in a very little time. As per the OpenSea data, the collection gathered over 17 Ether in trading volume. Donald Trump released the collection of 45,000 trading cards earlier in April this year. 

Each card depicted his image in a baseball card format and was pegged at $99 apiece. So far, the collection has earned over 13,000 unique holders. The token holders are entitled to a Zoom call with Trump or a dinner or a cocktail hour. Upon the release, the tokens were sold like hotcakes in a flash. 

Also, a few wallet names emerged as major holders of the tokens. According to the data, a wallet named “6D65A7” holds 602 cards followed by 72F891 with 500 cards. Interestingly enough, neither of the holders has listed their NFTs for sale. Furthermore, a report revealed Trump himself holds a large number of tokens. 

The leading Republican candidate held $2.8 Million in a crypto wallet till early August 2023. He also earned around $4.87 Million through the licensing fee from the sales. The token took a dip in price in the past few months due to a general market decline. In the Month of May, the price was almost 50% down and trade also suffered.

But Carlson’s interview seemed to have revived the token. However, the market participants will have to wait and see how long this rally lasts. Now, Donald Trump is not the only person with his own NFT collection. Many other celebrities have done it. So let’s take a look at some of these names.

Celebrities With Their Own NFT Collection

Robert De Niro

The iconic veteran actor became the face of an NFT collection in 2022. The collection named “Motion” depicts the actor’s moving face in reaction to ETH’s price movement. The token attracted lots of attention from the community and received praise for its dynamic interplay. 

Mike Tyson

The legendary boxer is a big fan of NFTs. He collaborated with famous artists and created a collection that depicts his iconic moments of boxing. The tokens received a huge welcome from the crypto community. It also made Mike Tyson quite popular in this space.

LeBron James

The veteran sportsperson is no stranger to the world of crypto. His collection pays a tribute to Kobe Bryant which makes the tokens even more special. In 2021, the NFT was sold for over $200,000 setting a new benchmark in the space.

Paris Hilton

People have already started calling her the “Crypto Queen” of NFTs. The famous media personality got involved in cryptos in 2021. Her collection is called “Planet Paris” which is essentially a platform for artists to create and sell digital art. 

With so many celebrities endorsing crypto, one can be sure about the industry’s great future. 

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