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  • NFT INT LLC confirmed that Bitcoin Ordinals were included as a bonus for buyers of certain quantities of “Mugshot Edition” NFTs.
  • This unique promotional deal applied to purchasers of 100 or more NFTs from the collection.
  • The Bitcoin Ordinals feature unique digital inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain, using alpha rare Satoshis to enhance their rarity.

The purchasers of the “Mugshot Edition” NFTs, from the collection that uses former President Donald Trump’s image, were provided with a bonus of an extra product. NFT INT LLC (the NFT management company) verified the deliverables under the contract, which stated that Bitcoin Ordinals would be part of the deal. These Bitcoin Ordinals are original digital assets that contain permanent inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The company finally disclosed that the Bitcoin Ordinals bonus was part of a promo that was only applicable for some purchases. For example, anyone who bought 100 NFTs from the Mugshot Edition could soon become the owner of this uncommon digital asset. The inscription process for these Ordinals implements alpha rare Satoshis, which is basically a way that improves the uniqueness of these Ordinals.


After having dealt with the November 2022 launch, the Mugshot Edition came. It gave away lots of freebies, such as dinner parties held with Trump and the trading card that contained the tiniest bit of his suit fabric. This one edition is included among other titles in digital collections, which belong to CIC Digital LLC and where Trump’s picture appears under a license.

Trump NFTs Gain Edge with Bitcoin Ordinals

Trump’s NFT collector interest was witnessed to be extremely volatile. The trading volume has shown a cooling-down tendency after an aggressive initial response. Despite this, the release of Bitcoin Ordinals has added a layer of appeal to the NFT offerings.

The license terms and conditions for these NFTs are well-structured. Trump-NFT INT LLC operates independently of Donald Trump and The Trump Organization. It involves the use of Trump’s name and likeness, which has been provided under an agreement with CIC Digital LLC, which has reserved the right to recall the usage of the license.

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This development comes amid Trump facing increasing legal costs. His legal expenses have accumulated to $86 million since his presidential campaign began. These costs stem from multiple legal battles, including criminal trials.

Financial Strategies Amid Legal Challenges

To manage these soaring legal costs, Trump has utilized funds from his political campaign committees. Reports indicate that a quarter of his legal expenses have been covered using these funds. This strategy highlights the financial pressures from his ongoing legal challenges.

Trump’s approach to funding his legal defenses demonstrates his continued reliance on available financial resources. The use of campaign funds for legal bills underscores the scale of his financial commitments during these legal proceedings.

The introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals to NFT buyers is part of Trump’s broader strategy to monetize his brand. Historically, Trump has branded various consumer products, from steaks to vodka, using his name and image. The NFTs, including unique digital assets, continue this trend of leveraging his brand for revenue, even amidst financial and legal pressures.

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