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Home » Notable NFT News » Trump NFT sales skyrocket after impeachment news
The New York Attorney General upset some NFT holders last week by indicting former President Donald Trump. Following the announcement of the indictment, the volume of Trump digital trading card NFT collections increased by more than 400%. What is the reason for this pump?
The Trump Digital Trading Cards are an unusual collection. When something good happens to Donald Trump, the floor price goes up. When something bad happens to Donald Trump, the floor price goes up. Therefore, it is no surprise that the floor price rose 43% from .41 eth to .59 eth in the days following his indictment.
There is an old saying that says, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” The 45th President embodies this adage better than anyone. The level of collection mostly reflects parallel public interest in Trump, even if the increased interest comes from seemingly negative events.
Trump Digital Trading Cards is a 45,000-piece NFT collection that launched on Polygon in December 2022. Each NFT shows the former president in various manly poses. Some of the NFTs show him dressed as a superhero, others show him wearing boxing gloves, and all of them feature MAGA-themed patriotic imagery. Trump himself advertised the project with a brief appearance on television last year. During the appearance he highlighted the selling points of the project and described himself as the greatest president ever, saying, “Better than Lincoln, better than Washington.”
The project description reads, “Are you ready to make history? For the first time ever, get your own official Trump digital trading card from President Trump. Incredible, handmade art inspired by the extraordinary life and career of President Trump.
To be honest, Donald Trump has lived an extraordinary life. He is not only the first president to own an NFT collection, but also the first to be criminally convicted. Even if he is found guilty, the Trump digital trading card collection appears to be one of the safer bets in NFTs.

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