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Largest and Final Bundesliga NFT trading card series of the season captures Matchdays 17-34 with highlights and commentary of top plays.

Today, Topps announced the upcoming release of Topps Series 4 – 21/22 Bundesliga NFT Cards, the final series in a complete set capturing the 2021-22 Bundesliga season on Following the second half of the year across Matchdays 17 through 34, Bundesliga Series 4 NFT digital collectibles feature matchday footage and commentary of the top plays that are eternalized in the hearts and minds of fans of the German league.

“Series 4 puts the finishing touches on a complete NFT collection recapping an exceptional 2021-22 season,” said Roshan Patel, Content Product Manager for Football at Topps Digital Sports & Entertainment at The Topps Company. “With the full season of NFT cards now available, and more collection challenges coming this summer, Bundesliga fans around the world can collect their favorite players, teams, and moments from another unforgettable year.”

The Series 4 NFT collection features player cards along with matchday footage and commentary of top plays. Club pennants, our “fan favorite” moment, and brand new Club Phenom insert cards will all headline this collection, with varying rarities from Common to Legendary, refractor parallels and more.

Topps Series 4 – 21/22 Bundesliga NFT Cards will be available for purchase on Wednesday, June 29th at 1pm ET / 7pm CEST exclusively on Standard and Premium Packs are available for Series 4 with at least one video card per pack. Standard Packs guarantee a Rare or better NFT card and Premium Packs guarantee a Super Rare or better NFT card.

Additional details on Series 4 pack quantities, contents and rarities are as follows. Future pack odds and sizes are subject to change:

  • Standard Pack Information:
    • $35 per pack
    • 5 collectibles per pack
    • 5,000 packs available
    • 1 Rare+ guarantee
    • 1 guaranteed video card
    • Rarity odds
      • Common (40.75%)
      • Uncommon (31.00%)
      • Rare (16.00%)
      • Super Rare (8.00%)
      • Epic (3.50%)
      • Legendary (0.75%)
  • Premium Pack Information:
    • $65 per pack
    • 10 collectibles per pack
    • 5,000 packs available
    • 1 Super Rare+ guarantee
    • 1 guaranteed video card
    • Rarity odds
      • Common (37.00%)
      • Uncommon (29.00%)
      • Rare (16.00%)
      • Super Rare (11.00%)
      • Epic (5.50%)
      • Legendary (1.50%)

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