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Metaverse crypto games are some of the most-used dApps on the market as they provide a fun and immersive experience for players, with most providing a way to earn a significant income. BNB chain is a highly-scalable low-fee blockchain perfect for various Metaverse crypto games. This article looks at the top seven most popular Metaverse crypto games built on the BNB chain, ordered by 30-day users, lowest to highest.

#7 HeroCatGamefi – 19.71k

Launched in 2021, HeroCatGameFi is a BNB-chain project that describes itself as a Metaverse of hero cats. It’s an NFT and DeFi mining entertainment game where users can receive rewards via its play-to-earn model. The game’s mission is to allow players for fun while gaining revenue.


The game featured both in-game heroes and mining pets as NFTs of HeroCat. Every NFT is unique, and payers can earn rewards by participating in the game and upgrading their NFTs.

Users can register for an account on the platform to access the various services of the game, including an NFT marketplace, a staking dashboard, a decentralized exchange, and more.

The open beta of the game launched in December 2021, and users can purchase an NFT pet to start playing the game. It features a dual-token economy consisting of HCT and HCK tokens powering its ecosystem.

You can purchase HCT and HCK on PancakeSwap.

#6 Metamon – 26.74k

Launched in October 2021, Metamon is the flagship play-to-earn game from the top-rated Metaverse crypto coin Radio Caca. It’s a monster hunter/collector game where players can control and collect adorable NFT-based monsters called Metamon.

radio caca metamon game

In-game assets are tokenized as NFTs, providing complete control and ownership to the players. In addition, users can earn rewards via the platform by sending the Metamons to battle and earning rewards via the play-to-earn model.

Users can also evolve their Metamon and upgrade their power. Metamon is a highly underrated Metaverse crypto game that we recommend checking out.

Metamon utilizes Radio Caca’s native utility asset RACA to power its ecosystem. To start playing, users must purchase a Metamon from the marketplace. The current cost for a Metamon is roughly 1k RACA, approximately $1.

#5 X World Games – 28.82k

Launched in March 2021, X World Games is a unique blockchain-based trading card game where players get to collect and create their own card sets to battle AI or other players.

x world games dream card

The game looks to introduce blockchain and NFT gaming to non-crypto games, appealing to users that aren’t too familiar with DeFi, and GameFi. The game and UI are designed based on simplicity and focus on the gaming experience to make it enjoyable for the player.

Dream Card is the actual name of the game, built by X World Games. It’s a Pokemon-inspired trading card game with similar mechanics and goals. Users can collect and evolve the various cards and upgrade their power.

The native asset on the platform is XWG, powering the ecosystem. You can purchase XWG on, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, LBank, MEXC, XT.COM, LATOKEN, etc.

#4 StarSharks – 35.81k

Launched in December 2021, StarSharks (SSS, SEA) is one of the leading Metaverse crypto games built on the BNB chain. It integrates NFT and GameFi into an immersive and fun experience for players.

StarSharks integrates several modes, including Adventure mode, PvE battle, and PvP battles. Players can unlock new levels for their StarSharks by completing adventure levels and earning rewards for PvE and PvP battles.

StarSharks features an NFT marketplace available for users to check out, with the cheapest StarShark currently costing 0.115BNB, roughly $40. The game is highly affordable right now, and if you haven’t yet, we recommend checking it out.

starsharks nft marketplace

StarSharks features a dual-token ecosystem consisting of the SEA utility tokens and the SSS governance tokens. Users can also stake their tokens on StarShark’s finance dashboard to earn rewards.

The game is the fourth-most popular Metaverse crypto game on the BNB chain enabling users to earn rewards by completing daily tasks and challenging others. It’s a highly underrated game that everyone should check out.

You can purchase the native tokens of the platform on PancakeSwap.

#3 SecondLive – 105.9k

Launched in July 2021, SecondLive is a 3D virtual space where users can become virtual versions of themselves. Inspired by Second Life, the project enables players to do many tasks they would do in real life, like attending virtual exhibitions, dancing, singing, shopping, handling business, etc.

secondlive nft marketplace

Users can create avatars in SecondLive’s Metaverse and participate in various experiences like games, workshops, concerts, etc. Moreover, SecondLive features an NFT marketplace enabling anyone to trade digital collectibles.

The project features its native SLT token and an incentive token called Bean. SLT is the primary currency on the platform powering the ecosystem, while Beans incentivize players to interact with the platform and can be staked to earn SLT.

SecondLive is currently the third-most-popular Metaverse crypto game on the BNB chain, and we recommend checking it out.

#2 Bomb Crypto – 200.64k

Launched in October 2021, Bomb Crypto (BCOIN) is the second-most popular NFT-based Metaverse crypto game on the BNB chain. Built with the Unity game engine, Bomb Crypto revolves around players managing their hero NFTs, slaying monsters/bosses, and earning rewards.

Bomb Crypto features a robust NFT marketplace with a layout similar to Axie Infinity. Its NFT marketplace is highly active, with over 1300 BHEROs sold in the past 24 hours alone. Users can purchase Hero NFTs with BCOIN, the native utility asset on the platform.

bomb crypto nft marketplace

Currently, the cheapest BHERO costs 10 BCOIN, roughly $0.1, which makes this game highly affordable to start playing.

In addition, users can purchase virtual real estate in the game in the form of BHOUSEs, which are also highly affordable compared to virtual real estate on platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

As the second-most popular Metaverse crypto game on the BNB chain, we recommend checking out the game. Users can connect to the marketplace and explore it via a Web3 compatible wallet like MetaMask; make sure you switch to the BNB chain.

The native utility asset on the platform is BCOIN, a BEP-20 asset living on the BNB chain. You can buy BCOIN on PancakeSwap.

#1 MOBOX: NFT Farmer – 223.78k

Launched in April 2021, MOBOX NFT Farmer (MBOX) is the most popular Metaverse crypto game built on the BNB chain, featuring a robust ecosystem consisting of an NFT marketplace a game called Block Brawler, an education platform called MOversity, and much more.

mobox momoverse

With over 223k monthly users, MOBOX is highly underrated, and if you’re looking to get your foot in the door with NFT gaming, you must check out this project.

MOBOX NFT Farmer is part of the MOBOX Metaverse project, a community-oriented GameFi platform built on BNB.

The game incorporates the play-to-earn model enabling users to earn MBOX tokens, the primary utility asset on the platform. Users are rewarded for their engagement and enjoyment, participating in the Metaverse owned by players. Assets can be used across the whole ecosystem focusing on NFT interoperability.

You can purchase MBOX on Binance, Huobi Global, Poloniex, PancakeSwap, LBank, MEXC, Phemex, WazirX, etc.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Before buying any Metaverse crypto coins or investing in any blockchain games, always do your research.

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