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The international blockchain market was valued at around $10.02 billion in 2022 and cryptocurrencies form a large part of this market. The naysayers might deny it, cynics might doubt it but cryptocurrencies are here to say. These blockchain-based assets have paved the way for decentralized finance to drive impact on a global scale. In fact, even developing countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and India are among the biggest adopters of cryptocurrencies.

If you are looking to start your crypto journey, the best time to get going is now. With thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation, the crypto market has a capitalization of over $1.2 trillion. You can choose from a wide variety of top crypto coins that can cater to different audience groups. Some like DigiToads (TOADS) are even touted to have the potential to grow by 100x over the next few months. The Ethereum-based cryptocurrency is making waves with its hybrid DeFi which offers the utility of three tokens on one platform. Its nuanced functionality enables its users to discover multiple ways to bolster their passive earnings. The following list features six other coins which, like DigiToads, can potentially clock 100x returns and even diversify your portfolio.

1. DigiToads: Setting the crypto market on fire with a hybrid DeFi model

DigiToads is a leading cryptocurrency that enables its users to earn passive income through its multifunctional platform. With DigiToads, users have the option of staking NFTs, trading cryptocurrencies, winning crypto tokens by participating in play-to-earn games and even being rewarded for their active participation. All rewards and prizes distributed by DigiToads will be in terms of the TOADS token, which is the platform’s native cryptocurrency. The TOADS token, which is available on presale, does not have a vesting period. The token was offered to the public for sale through a presale process, of which eight are already complete. So far, the cryptocurrency ico has raised over $6.1 million in funding.

DigiToads has a staking facility where token holders can lock their TOADS tokens and earn rewards. These staked tokens help in supporting the platform’s growth and creating a conducive environment for investment. To ensure that token holders are always rewarded for their staking efforts, the DigiToads team maintains a staking pool by diverting 2% of all TOADS transactions that are processed on the network.

You can count DigiToads’ play-to-earn game among its most popular features as it combines stellar graphics, interesting gameplay, and rewards in an irresistible way. Every game season lasts for a month and at the end of every season, the highest scorers are rewarded TOADS tokens. To make it among the winners, the players try their best to defeat their enemy in an arena-style swamp. They can buy or trade a special kind of digital creature – called DigiToad – who can turn the tables any time with their special strength and unique powers. The other types of in-game assets that users can buy include food, potions, and training equipment for their DigiToad.

As part of its plans for the future, the DigiToads team will be rolling out an official merchandise range for community members. The sale proceeds from the official merchandise would be donated to organizations working to preserve rainforests.

2. Cardano: Helping developers unleash their creativity with Ouroboros

Powered by the Ouroboros protocol, Cardano is a decentralized platform that enables developers to let their imagination run free while designing innovative projects and driving change. Its native cryptocurrency ADA is a top crypto to invest in and is used for all kinds of payments made on the network. What’s special about Ouroboros is that it’s backed by peer-reviewed research and evidence-based methodology which facilitates high-end security and seamless scalability for dApps deployed on Cardano network. As part of the policy of incentivizing participation, Cardano offers its users to either function as stake pool operators or stake delegators and earn rewards in exchange.

3. Sui: Where parallel processing meets horizontal scaling

A Layer 1 blockchain, Sui is striving to redefine on-chain asset ownership with its object-centric model. Under the model, the basic unit of data storage is objects and not users’ accounts. These objects have attributes and can be programmed. Its native cryptocurrency SUI token is the mode of all payments on the network. A key USP of SUI is the parallel processing of transactions. As the name suggests, in this method transactions are processed parallelly leading to higher speed and throughput. By using the ‘Byzantine Consistent Broadcast’ algorithm, Sui facilitates interactions with validators without consensus protocol which results in faster processing. Lastly, horizontal scaling enables the network to scale seamlessly without causing the fees to spike. Validators can improve their performance by adding computing power and even scaling it down.

4. Polygon: Driving growth with zero-knowledge technology

Polygon has been designed as a decentralized platform that offers tools for scaling Ethereum-based dApps and other kinds of decentralized tools. What has enabled Polygon to gain an edge over many new altcoins is the way it leverages zero-knowledge technology (zk) to offer a combination of secure and scalable solutions. The platform’s native token is MATIC and it’s used for staking and other kinds of transactional purposes on the network. Polygon’s popular offerings include Polygon PoS SDK with which developers can deploy public blockchains. These public blockchains can support a wide array of dApps and compatibility with EVMs. What sweetens the deal is the lightning-fast speed at which transactions are processed and the nominal gas fee that developers have to pay. An upcoming project that the Polygon team is working on is Supernets. Once launched, Supernets will enable developers to deploy app-specific blockchains by leveraging Polygon’s industry-leading technology.

5. Ripple: Empowering businesses with blockchain technology

Ripple is a decentralized platform creating blockchain-based solutions that help businesses scale globally. Apart from enabling businesses to offer 24×7 crypto payments, the platform also helps them target new audience groups, drive revenue, reduce capital requirements, and source cryptocurrencies. The platform has a native token called XRP which is the primary cryptocurrency of the network. It’s also a carbon-neutral and energy-efficient platform.

What makes Ripple a good crypto to buy is its scalability and ability to process high-speed transactions. The XRP Ledger or Ripple’s public blockchain leverages a consensus algorithm for verifying transactions. The servers of the network process transactions and they are confirmed in real-time. All transactions are public and strong cryptographic proofs guarantee the security of the network.

6. Tectum: Leveraging the potential of proof-of-utility consensus

Designed as a distributed ledger protocol, Tectum makes use of a proprietary signature management algorithm to power its network. With Tectum’s flagship technology, a network can process more than 1 million transactions every second. The blockchain also offers real-time updates on status delivery and ownership. What stands out about the protocol is that the data isn’t stored directly on the blockchain. Instead, hashes that are mapped to their original data and stored at a lower level are hosted on the Tectum network. By storing hashes instead of data, Tectum separates transaction-related data from the pipeline via hashing, encrypting, and signing bundles after every processing and archiving of every transaction. It leverages the proof-of-utility consensus mechanism for optimizing its data distribution. The platform’s native token is TET which is used for all transactional uses. The token has a hard cap of 10 million and token holders can stake their coins in exchange for rewards.

7. Avalanche: High throughput with high efficiency

Avalanche has carved a niche for itself by offering developers cutting-edge tools for building dApps and DeFi tools. Its native token AVAX is its mainstay that makes all transactions possible. It has often been pitted as an Ethereum rival, especially because of the ease with which developers can execute smart contracts on the network. The network can guarantee a throughput of up to 6.500 transactions in a second without hampering the network’s security. Avalanche’s high throughput can be attributed to its unique code architecture that’s made up of three blockchains – the P-Chain, C-Chain, and the X-chain – where each of the blockchains has a different purpose. These blockchains even use different consensus protocols. The X-Chain or the Exchange Chain is where the AVAX tokens and other assets are created and traded. The Contract Chain or the C-Chain is where all dApps and smart contracts are hosted. Lastly, the Platform Chain or the P-Chain is where all the platform coordinates with validators and facilitates the creation of new subnets – Avalanche’s premier scaling solution.


The above-mentioned seven cryptocurrencies are the top crypto coins that you can find in today’s market. They offer an unmatched balance of functionality and versatility and have robust security frameworks. However, there’s one parameter where DigiToads trumps the other six – growth potential. If you ask crypto analysts which crypto to buy today for the long term, most of them are likely to recommend you DigiToads. For starters, it’s powered by a hybrid DeFi model which means there’s more than one way in which you can earn residual income. What’s more, is that you can even turn an opportunity like staking into a steady source of funds. Apart from this, being among the most profitable coins in the market today, the TOADS token represents an unmissable opportunity.

Another reason why analysts are raving about the TOADS token is its decentralized governance structure where community members are invited to contribute to the decision-making process through mechanisms like voting rights. All TOADS token holders are entitled to voting rights that can be used for voting for any proposals that might be pitched by other community members. These proposals deal with operational issues and suggest changes that can potentially improve the scope of the DigiToads ecosystem.

All crypto users should always research a prospective token before they go ahead and buy it. By researching or reading up about a token before buying it, buyers will be able to understand potential risks associated with a project and make well-informed decisions.

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