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Gamers around the world have embraced the play-to-earn (P2E) revolution. P2E games take the concept of in-game rewards to the next level via the integration of blockchain assets. Non-fungible tokens and other blockchain assets have made it possible for gamers to take real ownership of their rewards for the first time. Here are the top 10 play-to-earn games you need to know in no particular order.

1. Sandbox

Sandbox is a popular metaverse title that takes the concept of digital land development to the next level. The game is divided into thousands of NFTs that represent each location. Users can collect, buy, sell, and renovate these plots to create unique experiences and generate revenue.

Source - Sandbox Homepage - Play-to-Earn Games

Source – Sandbox Homepage

Sandbox is available on desktop and offers free download and gameplay to new users. This advanced metaverse leverages ERC-20 standard protocols and is available on Ethereum and the Polygon networks. The main utility token is SAND, which users must hold to purchase property and interact with the ecosystem.

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2. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an interstellar journey into the future where you must search alien planets to find valuable resources. Trillium is the most valuable of these assets, which can be mined. Users can explore six distinct worlds with unique characteristics.

Interestingly, each planet has its own DAO management, giving it true autonomy. Alien Worlds leverages the WAX blockchain, which was specifically made to handle NFT and gaming applications. There are also over 500 NFT land plots, which you can trade and build upon.

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3. Gods Unchained

Those who are into NFT trading card games need to check out Gods Unchained. Players collect special cards with unique powers and features. Use the powers of light, deception, nature, death, war, or magic to wreak havoc on your opponents and win tokens and collectibles.

Gods Unchained Gameplay

Gods Unchained runs on the Immutable X and Ethereum ecosystems. Users can make use of GODS tokens to gain access to the market and cards. Once you have a nice selection of cards, you can select battle mode and square off against other players in PvP action, forging NFTs along the way.

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4. Splinterlands

Another popular trading card-style game is Splinterlands. In this title, you need to build up your deck to achieve more power and control. You can secure more cards through victories, buying, or trading on the in-game market. The winner of these battles gets Dark Energy Crystals, which unlock more powerful attacks and options.

Splinterlands operates on Hive, WAX, Ethereum, Steem, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron. As such, you can find a massive selection of assets in this game. The game is free to join and play, but to enter into any contests, there is a minimum requirement to purchase a $10 spell book.

5. Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is an intergalactic RPG that resides on the Polygon network. Unlike the competition, this triple-A title features breathtaking graphics and high-end first-person gameplay. Users can commandeer mechs and spacecraft and battle with opponents.

Phantom Galaxies is currently in its testing stages but is fully playable. Unlike many previous titles, it’s not free to join. There is a minimum $5 NFT purchase required to gain access.

6. Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club continues to gain momentum due to its cross-platform capabilities. This game enables you to battle NFTs from across the blockchain space. Think of pitting a Cryptokittie against an Ape from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Source - Galaxy Fight Club Homepage - Play-to-Earn Games

Source – Galaxy Fight Club Homepage – Play-to-Earn Games

This structure is cool because it ups the ante for winners. It also enables you to battle with well-known avatars, which is always fun. Players must defeat opponents in one-on-one battles to achieve rewards and secure collectibles.

7. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest and most successful blockchain-based P2E titles in the market today. Users collect special creatures called Axies. Each of these creatures is represented as an NFT with unique characteristics and skills.

You build up your collection and put them to battle like many of the other titles on this list. Axie Infinity differs in that you can also breed your NFTs to create new, unique combinations. Additionally, there are now plots of land that you can own and develop to increase your power and influence.

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8. Robots Farm

Robots Farm improves the gaming experience with the introduction of gas-less transactions. Robots Farm is a complete gaming ecosystem that includes a high-performance DEX to facilitate in-game trading. Users go on space quests in search of valuable resources such as Freemont to gain rewards.

Notably, Robots Farm integrates DeFi features such as liquidity pools. These low-risk options make it possible for gamers to improve their results without increasing exposure to losses. As such, Robots Farm is a great place for P2E gamers to start their journey into the market.

9. SecondLive

SecondLive is a title that enables you to live an entirely different existence in the metaverse. This immersive gaming title begins with you creating a custom avatar to fit your needs. From there, you can join the community and conduct a wide range of activities, from shopping to just chilling with friends.

SecondLive users gain ROI opportunities by creating and sharing content. The system enables content creators to generate NFTs and sell or trade them for profits. This structure has made SecondLive a favorite for content creators seeking to explore the metaverse.

10. Wild Forest

The Wild Forest P2E title will test your strategizing capabilities against opponents in a thrilling card game. The title enables you to collect and distribute select resources to improve your chances of survival. Those who can manage their finite resources best are sure to see victory over their opponents in this title.

The Play-to-Earn Movement is Here to Stay

Now that you know some of the best P2E gaming titles for those seeking to secure real-world returns, you’re ready to expand your repertoire. Nowadays, you can take your victories and convert them into real-world returns.