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There are multiple reasons why a trader would want to be aware of the top 10 fiat onramps today. These systems are often the first way in which people enter the market as they are the primary method used to convert traditional currency into digital assets directly. As such, every crypto user should have knowledge of a few reliable and secure fiat onramps they can leverage if needed.

Fiat Onramps are Vital to Adoption

Fiat onramps have become much more popular over the last decade, and today, they are more options than ever. These protocols come in many different designs and purposes. Understanding the types and differences between fiat onramps can help you choose the right one for your next project or investment.

Types of Fiat Onramps

There are a few different types of fiat onramps in operation today. The two main options are exchanges and portals. Exchanges are the most common type of fiat onramp in use today. Large CEXs (centralized exchanges) usually undergo a registration and licensing process to offer fiat-to-crypto conversion services to the public.

For many years, this was the preferred method of converting fat into cryptocurrencies versus direct in-person trades. CEXs had a monopoly until the introduction of payment portals and fiat onramp platforms. These networks changed the game by enabling developers to add fiat-to-crypto services on their platform directly via API integrations.

Finding the Right Fiat Onramp

Whenever your funds are on the line, it’s wise not to experiment with unknown or new systems. The best option is to stick to reputable and proven options. Here are the top 10 fiat onramps you should consider (in no particular order).

1. Swapin

Swapin has offered direct fiat to crypto exchange services since 2014. As one of the oldest options on this list, Swapin has earned a reputation as a safe way to swap your funds quickly. Swapping is original in its design and features. Its structure makes it ideal for crypto-to-fiat conversion.

You register a crypto wallet and your bank account to use the service. Then, when you want to convert your crypto to fiat currency, you send the funds to a present address. Within minutes, the fiat currency equivalent arrives in the registered bank account.

The Swapin ecosystem includes a flexible crypto wallet that enables you to both purchase and convert fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat. Notably, the platform supports EUR and GBP fiat currencies currently. Users can securely convert their funds into a selection of supported digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others, by leveraging Swapin’s tools.

2. Swipelux

The Swipelux fiat-to-crypto payment gateway widget enables developers to offer their users a more streamlined experience. The widget can be added to your dapp or web3 site in minutes, enabling users to safely buy crypto using their credit or debit card.

Source - Swipelux - Fiat Onramps

Source – Swipelux – Fiat Onramps

The widget features crisp graphics and an easy-to-navigate menu that allows anyone to convert fiat for crypto, tokens, and even NFTs. The portal was designed to be easy enough for new users to find their way around and access all features.

Swipelux includes some tips on purchasing NFTs and other digital assets. Additionally, the platform enables developers to integrate KYC tools to ensure they maintain regulatory compliance during operations. All of these features and the ease of installation make Swipelux a primer option.

3. Onmeta

Onmeta is another fiat onramp protocol designed to empower developers. The system features a fully guided onboarding process so that any level of user can secure assets in minutes. Also, the API option enables you to offer the features through your format, or you can integrate the widget and save time.

The Onmeta portal can be integrated into your dapp in minutes. It’s also available as a stand-alone fiat-to-crypto onramp downloadable on Google and Apple Play. Notably, the software supports both fiat on and off-ramping options, which adds to its usability,

The Onmeta portal is one of the most flexible options on this list. The platform supports +5000 tokens across the top-performing DeFi blockchains, including Ethereum Polygon, Binance, and Avalanche. Additionally, the platform supports 5 top fiat currencies, making it a smart choice for dapps with an international clientele.

4. Bitinvestor

Bitinvestor is a popular option that is fully regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authorities of Denmark and Fintrac Canada. Developers use this helpful protocol to simplify crypto conversions. The system is flexible and supports multiple methods of payment.

Bitinvestor includes some additional features that are worth mentioning, such as its anti-fraud mechanisms. These options include a chargeback feature, which is unique to the market. Notably. this feature makes Bitinvestor a smart option for those who live in an area that requires these services to be compliant.

Users save on fees when using Bitinvestor as there are no monthly subscriptions or base fees. EU residents may find that Bitinvestor is a smart fit for their institutional or enterprise-grade platforms. As such, the network’s regulatory licensing and years of providing reliable service make it a respectable choice.

5. Guardarian

Guardarian is a popular fiat onramp with some advantages that make it stand out. The portal is flexible and offers low fees. There’s support for +400 cryptocurrencies, which is enough for most Dapps. Additionally, the platform is licensed and compliant to convert +40 fiat currencies to crypto.

Source - Gaurdarian - Fiat Onramps

Source – Gaurdarian – Fiat Onramps

Guardarian is a popular option due to its ease of use. The network doesn’t require registration, which is another big plus for users as it speeds up the process and protects privacy. Impressively, the conversion process takes minutes to complete. These factors make the Guardarian Fiat onramp a competitor.

6. Onramper

The Onramper portal is one of the most popular options for DeFi developers seeking direct fiat-to-crypto functionality. This proven option has over a hundred Dapps already successfully leveraging its services. Part of the demand for the Onramp portal is its simplistic layout, making it easy to convert funds from across the globe to your favorite token.

Additionally, the Onramper portal is one of the most flexible options in the market today. The system supports +130 fiat currencies from 190 countries. Also, the portal has thousands of cryptocurrencies. Best of all, all major local payment methods are accepted.

The Onramper solution offers other advantages to the market. It doesn’t require coding, making it ideal for any skill-level developer or business. Plus, it only takes minutes to get up and running. Best of all, you can add a slight conversion fee to the portal to secure additional rewards.

7. is a massive CEX that offers reputable fiat-to-crypto conversion services. The exchange entered the market in 2016 and has continued to offer reliable service since. Today, is a pioneering force that offers a unique set of options to users.

Institutional investors can access +55 cryptos after entering the exchange. Notably, you can purchase crypto and other digital assets directly using debit or credit cards on The platform is also available on the web or via the mobile app.

This structure makes it easy for anyone to obtain digital assets. It also streamlines accessing other cool DeFi features. For example, users can register for a VISA debit card that enables them to spend their crypto anywhere that accepts VISA.

8. Binance

Binance is the world’s largest exchange in terms of trading volume. As such, it’s a smart option to consider for those seeking fiat-to-crypto conversions. The sheer size of the Binance ecosystem means that you have a strong and licensed platform handling the transaction.

Binance supports multiple fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Since the platform is a CEX, you can convert funds in either direction and trade for other digital assets. Notably. the platform is a custodial CEX that will require you to deposit funds to use its services.

9. eToro

eToro is another popular fiat onramp for the market. The eToro trading software originated as a way for people to trade stocks but, over the last few years, has started offering support for digital assets like Bitcoin. 

eToro users can convert fiat currency into various cryptocurrencies via the regulated platform’s systems. eToro includes other cool features like smart portfolios and educational tutorials to help you improve results. You can even trade using a fake portfolio to practice techniques and strategies in real market conditions without risk.

10. Coinbase

Perhaps nobody has onboarded more people to the crypto market in North America than Coinbase. The continent’s largest crypto exchange offers easy-to-follow fiat-to-crypto solutions that are supported by its massive ecosystem.

Coinbase is among the most reputable crypto exchanges in the world. It is fully licensed and works with many financial institutions and regulators directly. If you’re looking for a dependable and proven conversion method, Coinbase might be a smart place to start.

Fiat Onramps Shine

Fiat onramps make it easier and safer for anyone to join the digital financial revolution. The onramps listed above have operated for years and secured a strong community of past customers. As such, you will surely find the right solution to meet your needs.