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Published July 24, 2023

According to the latest information from renowned global overseas media, TOM’s official website and DAPP have officially launched globally and have already obtained news releases from 5000 global overseas media outlets.

TOM, established by the Singapore International Investment Institution and the founders of Wall Street Capital, has a technical team whose members possess powerful technical skills and excellent research capabilities in global bank settlement systems, exchanges, DeFi, NFT, AI intelligence, Metaverse, blockchain gaming, social networking, VR/AR, etc. Their work in multiple fields has yielded significant accomplishments. TOM’s vision is to construct the world’s largest decentralized aggregate application platform + TOMSWAP + the world’s first digital bank card.

The TOM Foundation has five major profitable industries providing a stable foundation for the cyclical development of the TOM aggregate ecological platform.

1: Overseas Bitcoin mining industry, comprising 50% of the portfolio, with an annual yield of 300%.

2: International overseas TikTok short video reward industry, with an annual yield of 600%.

3: A professional foreign exchange operation team using high-frequency trading + quantitative trading + robot arbitrage, with monthly returns ranging from 25% to 35%, an annual yield of 300%.

4: Southeast Asia’s largest Gaming company industry, with an annual yield of 800%.

5: The world’s largest Ghanaian gold mine industry in Africa, with an annual yield of 900%.

TOM Roadmap:

2023 Q1: Establishment of project team by Wall Street Capital’s founding partners.

2023 Q2: Construction of TOM’s official website.

2023 Q3: Official website + DAPP ecosystem launch, NFT blind box game, NFT node subscription, aggregate mining pool computational power online.

2023 Q4: TomSwap launch, Tom digital bank card issuance.

2024 – 2027: Launch of TOM public chain mainnet to aid Web 3.0 development applications. Listing on renowned exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Bithumb, and Bitfinex.

TOM’s digital bank card is employed by the team of TOM Labs, composed of seasoned experts.

Dr. Adrian, a technical expert, has spent years researching the application of banking and blockchain technology in the financial sector. He has participated in cross-platform porting and mining software development management for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and ETH. He possesses rich experience in the technical architecture of virtual digital currency wallets and virtual digital currency exchanges.

Stanford, a senior TOM programmer and California Institute of Technology computer science PhD, is a senior blockchain technology expert and DeFi application expert. He boasts abundant experience in big data parallel computing and distributed algorithm optimization and has conducted in-depth research in blockchain, cryptography, and data mining.

Hubery, a software developer and senior engineer in blockchain technology applications, has extensive development experience in the private social networking field. With 15 years of internet industry experience, he is proficient in various computer languages and is adept at designing highly concurrent and available architectures for massive data, boasting abundant research and development management experience.

Justin formerly worked at the IBM Computer Research Center. He was introduced to digital cryptography through the paper “New Directions in Cryptography” and verified the feasibility of distributed ledgers through means such as asymmetric encryption and elliptic curve algorithms. He is also proficient in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other mainstream blockchain technologies, possessing a deep understanding and rich practice in blockchain consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, cross-chain technology, sidechain technology, and privacy protection.

Bradley’s research on TOM focuses on big data parallel computing and distributed algorithm optimization. He has rich research experience in blockchain, bank data cryptography, and data mining. He provides deep algorithmic support to the TOM project at the level of blockchain core mathematical models, artificial intelligence core algorithms, and big data parallel computing.

Detailed Introduction of TOM Ecological Tokens

Token Name: TOM

Chinese Name: Tomcat

Chain Property: BSC

Limited Total Issue: 210 million tokens

Initial per Token: ($0.01)

Community Ecology: 3%

Technical Team: 1%

TOM Foundation: 3%

First NFT Node: 3%

NFT Computational Power Output: 90%

TOM tokens can be said to have been born with a golden spoon, standing on the shoulders of giants from birth, jointly initiated by Singapore International Institution and Wall Street Capital

TOM Shareholder Advantage

Binance Advantage: As the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance has a wealth of trading data and a massive user base, which adds value to the TOM token! Tom will be directly listed on Binance.

Brand Advantage: Singapore International Institution GIC, Wall Street Capital, and Binance are well-known brands in their respective fields. Their collaboration will attract a large amount of attention to the TOM ecosystem, rapidly opening up the ecological market.

Innovation: Singapore International Institution GLC, Wall Street Capital, and Binance are companies known for their innovation. Their collaboration can promote the rapid development of TOM. Tom will be the first token to be listed on Binance!

TOM Technology Highlights

As an innovative blockchain financial project, TOM integrates Decentralized Identifiers (DID), Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and Layer2 technology to drive industry transformation. The combination of these cutting-edge technologies allows TOM to enhance security, privacy, and scalability in the financial ecosystem.

  1. TOM’s Decentralized Identifier (DID) Technology

TOM employs Decentralized Identifier (DID) technology. DID is a blockchain-based identity verification and management system that allows users to establish and control their digital identity on the internet. With DID, users can independently manage and grant access rights to their personal data, protecting their privacy and reducing the risk of data leaks. In TOM, DID technology ensures users have complete control over their personal data, securely storing sensitive information through the immutability and decentralization of the blockchain. Users can manage and authorize their personal data independently, sharing specific identity information with other participants without divulging other sensitive data. This precise method of identity verification allows users to protect their privacy and mitigate risks of personal data misuse.

Through DID technology, TOM also provides secure, transparent, and verifiable identity authentication. The authentication process is blockchain-based, with all authentication information recorded in immutable blocks, ensuring reliability and traceability. Users can view their identity authentication history at any time, fostering trust in financial ecosystem interactions and facilitating safer financial transactions and collaborations.

Moreover, DID technology offers the advantages of scalability and interoperability. As DID is blockchain-based, it can seamlessly integrate and interact with other blockchain platforms. This means users can use the same DID across different financial ecosystems without needing to create multiple identities, thereby offering a more convenient user experience.

1. TOM’s Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Zero-Knowledge Proofs are another crucial component of TOM’s technology. Zero-Knowledge Proofs allow participants to verify a fact without revealing any related specific information. In blockchain finance, Zero-Knowledge Proofs can be used to verify transaction validity without exposing the transaction’s details or the participant’s identity. By using Zero-Knowledge Proofs, TOM ensures users can conduct secure transactions while protecting their privacy, enhancing the credibility and usability of the entire financial ecosystem.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs are immensely valuable in blockchain finance. When users conduct transactions, they wish to verify the transaction’s validity without disclosing the transaction’s specifics or the participants’ identities. This is where Zero-Knowledge Proofs come into play. Using Zero-Knowledge Proofs, TOM can demonstrate a transaction’s validity without divulging detailed information such as the transaction amount or participant identity. This method allows for trustworthy transaction verification while protecting privacy, providing users with higher security and anonymity.

TOM’s Zero-Knowledge Proofs employ mathematical algorithms and cryptographic protocols, enabling participants to prove the truthfulness of a fact to the verifier without revealing any sensitive information. For example, Zero-Knowledge Proofs can be used in transaction verification to prove that the sender has enough funds to complete the transaction without disclosing their account balance.

By utilizing Zero-Knowledge Proof technology, TOM offers a more private and secure transaction method. Users can enjoy greater anonymity in transactions while ensuring transaction validity and immutability.

2. TOM extensively applies Layer-2 technology

TOM extensively applies Layer-2 technology to address the scalability issues of traditional blockchain networks. Traditional blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum face challenges of throughput limitations and high transaction fees. To overcome these issues, TOM utilizes Layer-2 technology to create an extension layer, processing a significant portion of transactions on sidechains or state channels, rather than the main chain. As a result, TOM achieves higher transaction throughput and lower transaction fees, providing a more rapid, cost-effective transaction experience.

In TOM, the employed Layer-2 technology includes sidechains and state channels. TOM’s sidechains are independent blockchains connected to the main chain, but with higher throughput and lower transaction fees. By transferring some transactions from the main chain for processing on the sidechain, TOM enhances overall transaction processing capabilities, achieving higher throughput.

TOM’s state channels represent a method for conducting transactions off-chain. By establishing a temporary channel between participants, transactions can be conducted within the channel without needing to submit to the main chain each time. Only when the channel closes is the final state submitted to the main chain. This significantly reduces transaction processing time and fees.

By employing Layer-2 technology, TOM can accomplish efficient transaction processing, enhancing the scalability of the entire financial ecosystem. Users can enjoy higher transaction throughput and lower transaction fees while maintaining transaction security and reliability. This technological application provides users with a faster, more cost-efficient transaction experience, driving blockchain finance development. Integrating DID, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and Layer-2 technology, TOM offers users a secure, private, and efficient financial ecosystem. Users can fully control their digital identity and personal data while transacting and participating in financial activities with privacy protection. TOM’s innovative solutions and advanced cryptographic technology are anticipated to bring significant transformation to the blockchain finance field, providing improved financial services and experiences for individuals and enterprises.

3. TOM’s blind box game application and its impact

The perfect blind box game ecosystem and the NFT computational power business model ecosystem of TOM will stimulate the rapid development of the token community’s economic ecosystem. With many institutional capitals leading the investment and the rapid increase in the number of global TOM community node members, coupled with the launch of the TOM asset token public mainnet, frequent transactions of TOM on the Binance exchange, TOM may become the new pursuit in the global capital market. The trading of our TOM token assets will usher in a new development opportunity. TOM is poised to become the dark horse of global digital assets with an expected value increase of thousands of times! Lastly, congratulations to the TOM official website DAPP for launching globally!

Disclaimer: This press release may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies (including product offerings, regulatory plans and business plans) and may change without notice. You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements.

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