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If everything moves towards a digital format, like newspapers or access to movies, it is logical that trading cards would also do so. Although dozens of new collections continue to be sold every year, such as those aimed at those who like to watch football, the digital format has arrived to stay. And the most positive thing is that collecting digitally is both fun and easy.

Panini catches up

Although sales of physical cards continue with great success, the Panini companyleader in the sale of trading cards in much of Europe, has launched a website for digital collections. At the moment it is concentrated on the official LaLiga EA Sport 23-24 collection, but it has already been announced that, in the near future, there will be more collections and news.

The website can be used for free and even has a guest mode which will allow you to explore the page in order to see how everything works. The latter is the best thing you can do if it is generating interest in you but you are still not sure that you want to start collecting cards again. If you decide to use it, you will only have to enter the main menu and click on the “Register” button.

Your collection step by step

Now that you are on the website with your user registration, the first thing you will see will be the cover of the collection album. But even if you click on the image, you still won’t be able to start collecting. First you need to fill out your profile, something that, at this time, only involves choose your username. This will enable all the functions of the website, both the possibility of collecting stickers and using the exchange system or receiving free packs.

To do this, click on complete profile and the system will take you through the process. Choose your username from those that the system provides you randomly. If you don’t like the one recommended to you, you can click on the two arrows and a new one will be generated. You can’t enter your own name, so choose a random one that you like.

After this go back to the main menu, click on the album image and click “Play now”. That will take you to your menu, where you will see that under the cover it says “0 stickers obtained.” Below you have the interface options: My cards, Trade market, Get a free booster and Booster store. Since you are just starting out, the most logical thing is to click on the button to get a free envelope that allows you to start your collection. Click and you will see an animation in which the envelope will open in a similar way to when we do it in printed format.

Six stickers come out of the envelope that you will see instantly. At the moment the collection is very new and, although it includes the teams of both LaLiga EA Sports and LaLiga Hypermotion, the photos of the players corresponding to the Second Division have not yet been uploaded. Therefore, as you can see in the screenshot that we show you later, it is possible that some of the cards that appear in the envelope do not have an image. Don’t worry, since once Panini uploads the corresponding photos, your chrome will be updated and you will have it with the appropriate image. The bad thing is that, at the moment, those LaLiga Hypermotion cards do not indicate which player you played, only the team he is a part of. So you’re going to stay curious, at least for now.

In our envelope you can see that we got four players from LaLiga Hypermotion and two from LaLiga EA Sports. In all of them that orange icon appears which represents that it is a new chrome and not a repeated one. Since it’s the first envelope, it was obvious that it would be like this. When we finish seeing the stickers we return to the main menu and see that there is an 8 hour timer until we receive another free envelope. This will make us want to come in several times a day!

While you wait you can click on My stickers to see all the ones you have obtained, but the best thing is to click on the album image so that the digital version of it will open. You can turn the page with the arrows included on the sides until you find the spaces where you have to “paste” a chrome. Furthermore, as is tradition, each team sheet includes some data, such as the positions the team has occupied in the last five seasons or the name of its stadium.

You will paste the stickers by pressing the + button that is included in the spaces marked in the album. It is possible that you will encounter an error when you try to do it, since that is what has happened to us. The website is still recent and they may need to debug it so that it does not fail. In addition to this, you can use the Exchange Market button to make proposals that will come in handy when completing your collection by getting rid of repeated stickers and getting those that you are missing. Everything is automated, making it a convenient process. And if you want to speed up the way you get the collection, the alternative to waiting for the free pack is to buy them with real money.

Although the website is quite prehistoric and its mobile application iOS and Android does not considerably improve the experience, it cannot be said that it is not fun to collect these digital trading cards. In any case, we will admit that it is still more exciting to do it with the traditional printed version. Fortunately, LaLiga EA Sports cards are available on newsstands, so you may prefer to go for them instead of messing around with the website.