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A Web3 Celebration Unlike Any Other

Returning for its third consecutive year, Deadfellaz Infected has expanded its digital footprint like never before, culminating in a week-long extravaganza that marries cutting-edge blockchain technology with groundbreaking artistry. This celebration, a spotlight on the immense talent thriving within the web3 environment, was grander this year with both an In-Real-Life (IRL) event at Oshi Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, and a Decentraland-based Metaverse party sponsored by MetaMask.

The Double Dose of Celebrations

Launching on October 28th, the IRL gallery at Oshi in Melbourne opened its doors to the public for an entire week culminating on Halloween. The digital realm was not left behind; a Metaverse event in Decentraland was rolled out from October 30th to November 6th.

Highlights from Decentraland

  • NFT Gallery: In an intricate virtual environment, 19 dazzling NFT artworks were displayed, each one carefully curated to exemplify the merger of art and technology.
  • Candy Quest: The event incorporated gamification elements. Attendees embarked on a quest to gather candies, making the experience interactive and rewarding.
  • Mint Special Rewards: Unique digital keepsakes could be minted by attendees, symbolizing their participation in this landmark web3 event.

To explore more, check out the event here: Decentraland Event

The Heart of Infected Season 3: Artist Collaboration

Deadfellaz Infected thrives on collaborative creativity. Every Halloween season, artists come together to ‘infect’ each other’s work. They produce original pieces inspired by the signature Deadfellaz characters, weaving in elements like anime, punk, horror, and video games. Over the years, renowned artists like ThankyouX, Stephy Fung, and Killer Acid have contributed their genius to this ongoing project.

The Special Sauce: Token Grades and Drops

In a fresh twist this year, each participating artist generated three different token grades for their artwork: Fresh, Damaged, and Rotten. These tokens become unique collectibles, and Deadfellaz 10K holders stand a chance to own these rare pieces through random drops.

Meet The Artists: A League of Extraordinary Talent

This year’s roster includes 19 gifted artists with works sold via Foundation’s ‘Worlds’ function. From animations to unique pieces, the diversity of the art is astounding.

For details, visit: Foundation’s Deadfellaz Infected S3

Sales and Drops

  • Editions of 100 are sold by three artists.
  • Auctions for 1/1 editions by 16 artists.
  • Specific wallet activity in the past 90 days is required for eligibility.

A Quick Glimpse at Some of the Featured Artists:

  • Jisu
  • YON
  • RISA
  • HOSHI PEACH …and many more!

Let Art Reign Supreme

In an unprecedented move, 100% of the proceeds from art sales are directed back to the artists, underlining the event’s core mission of uplifting creative talent.


Deadfellaz Infected returns for its third year, bigger and better with an IRL event in Melbourne and a Metaverse extravaganza in Decentraland. It features 19 artists, interactive quests, and unique token drops for attendees. 100% of the art sales proceeds go back to the participating artists.