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In recent times, DFZ has expertly meshed art and culture with groundbreaking tech innovations. Their origins as a PFP project have given rise to an array of remarkable developments like hologram rigs and interoperability assets, including pixelfellaz and voxelfellaz. But the magnum opus, the grand vision, has always been their very own gaming venture. And why not? The gaming industry holds the promise of seamlessly integrating web3 tech with DFZ’s unique IP, and more importantly, there’s an unequivocal passion for gaming and TCGs within the DFZ team.

Key DeadFellaz TCG Takeaways:

1. Gaming Endeavors:

  • On September 8th, DFZ unveils its passionate venture into the gaming domain with the announcement of a digital TCG: codenamed RIP TCG. The official name and detailed creative elements will soon be revealed.
  • RIP TCG isn’t your everyday card game; it promises a thrilling, cinematic digital trading card experience. With a focus on engaging 3D character combat, deep card customization, a universe rich in dark humor and lore, it is poised to become the next big thing in the TCG genre.
  • This game goes beyond conventional play-to-earn mechanics. After a year of in-depth research and gameplay development, the focus remains on the quintessential gaming pleasure. But rest assured, blockchain is still in the mix, enhancing the gameplay experience with unique features.

2. Collaboration:

  • The masterminds behind this vision, including DFZ’s Director, Psych, have spent the past year meticulously detailing every aspect of the game. This includes the gameplay loop, universe lore, various ecosystems, and translating DFZ’s world into a distinct 3D representation.
  • There’s also thrilling news about a collaboration with a world-renowned AAA game studio (details to be revealed post-press embargo). This studio has showcased its mettle with titles like Battlefield, Star Wars, Madden, Fable, Forza, Minecraft, and Hearthstone.
  • The game’s developmental journey will commence this October in Vancouver, engaging a top-notch team of 16 developers.

3. RIP TCG Vault Sale:

  • This sale is a pivotal juncture connecting DFZ’s existing ecosystem to a vibrant new one. It has been designed to reward existing collectors while attracting new ones.
  • What’s inside a vault? A treasure trove of 450 first edition cards, including one ultra-rare card, awaiting their unveiling upon the game’s release.
  • The sale structure offers varying vault purchase options for Deadfellaz & Deadfrenz combo owners, individual Deadfellaz and Deadfrenz owners, Legacy members, Alphas, and the general public.
  • The sale kicks off for collectors on September 8th and opens to the general public on September 10th.

4. Enhanced Security:

  • DFZ, in collaboration with their development partners Props, is committed to ensuring the utmost security during the Vault Sale. Verification through multiple official accounts will be ensured, and users are advised to be wary of any unofficial or suspicious communications.

Stay Updated:

  • DFZ urges enthusiasts to mark their calendars for September 8th. Comprehensive terms and conditions, along with other details, will be made available then.

TL;DR: DFZ is all set to disrupt the digital gaming realm with RIP TCG, a cinematic digital card game. With an impending collaboration with a top AAA game studio, and a vault sale on the horizon, the future looks promising for both gamers and collectors.