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In the rapidly evolving NFT space, ensuring the security and privacy of digital assets and their owners is paramount. However, even in this tech-forward industry, breaches can occur. Such was the case with the ‘Made by Apes’ initiative launched by @SaaSyLabs in collaboration with @yugalabs.

Reports suggest that private details of those who registered for the ‘Made by Apes’ initiative were inadvertently leaked. This startling news garnered significant attention on social media, amassing 236K views in a short span.

ZachXBT (@zachxbt), a prominent figure in the NFT community, played a crucial role in this narrative. Prior to disclosing the incident publicly, he responsibly flagged the issue to the teams at SaaSy Labs and Yuga Labs. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Yuga Labs team swiftly rectified the glitch, ensuring that the leaked information became inaccessible.

“Earlier today @zachxbt made us aware of an issue with a SaaSy Labs API for Made by Apes that allowed private information of MBA applications to be accessed. The issue was immediately resolved and this information is no longer accessible.” – Yuga Labs

For those unfamiliar, the ‘Made by Apes’ initiative is more than just a trendy collaboration. It’s designed to validate, back, and elevate brands and products created by holders of BAYC and MAYC NFTs. It offers a blockchain-verified seal of approval, which includes on-chain license numbers and directory listings for creator-holders. This initiative emphasizes authenticity, urging its community with a powerful slogan: “NO FAKES, JUST APES.”

Soon, enthusiasts can expect the launch of ‘The Made by Apes Directory’, a platform showcasing diverse categories ranging from Food & Beverage and Storytelling & Games to Alcohol and Lifestyle & Entertainment.

Lastly, for all ape aficionados out there, the initiative also provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use and showcase the ‘Made by Apes’ license and logo. For those interested in joining this exclusive directory, there’s an opportunity to get verified and obtain a custom logo that displays a unique license number.

TL;DR: The ‘Made by Apes’ initiative by @SaaSyLabs and @yugalabs experienced a data breach, exposing personal details of its registrants. The issue was flagged by ZachXBT and was promptly addressed by Yuga Labs. The initiative offers a blockchain-verified stamp of approval for BAYC and MAYC NFT holders, with an upcoming directory showcasing various holder-created brands and products.