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  • The non-fungible token They have a potential market of 25 thousand million pesos.

  • By the end of 2021, nearly $41 billion was spent on NFTs.

  • Every week there are around 15,000 to 50,000 digital sales.

Technology has become present in many industries around the world, that is why some brands develop their projects in the popular Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), or even in the Metaverse. As with the Conmebol Women’s Copa América 2022, which announced that it will offer an NFT Trophy for the first time.

NFTs are not new in the world, and with the popularity they have gained, they already register a market of 25 billion dollars in transaction volume by 2021, according to data from NonFungibles. That’s why I’m active cryptographic it already includes digital works of art, images of animals, trading cards, music and online games, among others.

Also, according to chain analysistransaction volume has grown significantly since the beginning of 2021, but not consistently, where last year a total of 40 billion dollars was sent to the NFT market, while so far in 2022, 37 billion dollars have been sent.

This will be the first NFT trophy

As an activity to get out of the traditional and join the new ways of attracting the young audience that make up the generation millennials Y centennials, this sporting event announced that it will combine activities from the physical and digital universes to “create a true sports festival”.

That is why for the first time in history, and with the support of MasterCard, the event’s official sponsor, The first trophy will arrive in NFT, which will be awarded to the 25 selected as Player of the Match.

It was learned that this token is an exclusive creation for Mastercard by the first Colombian crypto-artist Camila Fierro, and it becomes the first trophy that is awarded in both cryptographic and physical format in a contest like this.

“Football is a passion that knows no borders, unites us and helps us connect beyond our differences. At Mastercard, we know that the strongest team is the one that brings together the most diverse players. That is why we support the Conmebol Copa América Femenina 2022, because we want to contribute to equal opportunities in sports and in all areas,” said Roberto Ramírez Laverde, Mastercard senior vice president of marketing and communication for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Let us remember that this event is organized by the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol), which according to data from your 2021 report, the value of its assets amounted to approximately US$321.2 million, compared to almost US$418 million in 2020.

As part of turning this sporting event into the best digital experience, the sponsored Mastercard explained that they also resorted to opening a space in the metaverse to celebrate the participation of women in football through inspiring stories of female footballers, such as the Venezuelan Deyna Castellanos, the Colombian Leicy Santos and the Argentine Estefania Banini.

Soccer is one of the most important sports events in the world, where according to data from a Deloitte study, in the 2019/20 season, the European football market reached the figure of 25 thousand 200 million euros, 13 percent less than in the previous season.

This incursion into the world of technology in this sports industry is not new, as an example the club of Paris Saint Germain developed fan tokens worth several million in market capitalization, which give owners access to special behind-the-scenes content or other perks.

Given this fact, many wonder if NFTs are ready to change industries around the world, so there are examples in which innovations are already taking place thanks to projects where the main protagonist is tokens.

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