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Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT has not yet opened registration, but we learned from the project public relations that the current website code, smart contracts and other security elements have successfully passed the full review of Fairyproof (a blockchain security audit company), and it is expected to be officially launched at the end of June (or earlier) , the fascinating thing about this project is that the licensed release of Hiroshima Dragonflies is just the beginning, and their development road map is exciting. It is reported that the project will continue to introduce other Japanese first-level teams, as well as the NFT distribution rights of the Japan Professional Basketball League. , and integrate all the above-mentioned first-class basketball teams, leagues, and NFT assets sold, and sell Japanese basketball coins. The scale of the platform and the number of users will increase exponentially with the addition of teams and leagues. On the premise that limited edition NFT will not be issued additionally. The early dividends brought by the platform are huge.