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StaFi Partners With RockX

PoS and DeFi weren’t inherently designed to be compatible with each other. In fact, staking requires users to commit their assets to earn rewards for securing the underlying network, rendering them unable to access the DeFi ecosystem. In addition, protocols enforce waiting periods for users wanting to withdraw their stake, which makes readily investing these tokens close to impossible. This translates into a loss of income for validators who cannot invest their stakes in more profitable opportunities.
A solution to this problem has recently emerged with the liquid staking as protocols that tokenize stake in some form. Tokenized stake, sometimes also referred to as staking derivatives, empowers staking users to access DeFi and manage their positions in a more flexible and non-custodial manner

Stafi protocol, a decentralised protocol that provides liquidity for various staking assets such as XTZ, ATOM, ALGO and so on.
Stafi allows crytocurrency users to stake thier POS tokens in return to recieve rTokens, this rTokens are transferred and traded over time.
RockX on the other hand is a team of technology experts that have been working on different blockchain projects since 2019. RockX provides security and staking validation to create token rewards for token holders aspiring to compound thier crytocurrency asset.
RockX is also a digital asset service platform that unlocks the full value of digital assets and decentralised mechanism for crytocurrency enthusiast.
RockX will merge with stafi protocol to ensure stability and maximum security since it will act as the original validator for the rTokens which includes rETH, rDOT, rKSM and other additional network.
This combine efforts of stafi and RockX will cause an expansive liquid staking solution to the issue of locked staked assets on a blockchain, whereby users can have assess thier stake tokens for trading.
Still under this partnership, RockX will work promptly with Stafi to analyse on how to improve the security and stability of all original validators, which will amplify strong network in the rTokens ecosystem.
A feedback response will be created to Stafi network to improve the technology and user experience.
Event such as hackathon will be organised to create awareness to the community about the project in the future, research report will also be forwarded to further enhance the growth of the ecosystem.
In conclusion, this partnership of both platforms will cause a maximum transformation in the liquid staking system and also create a user friendly experience for crytocurrency users..

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