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At the beginning of January of this year, we told you how Square Enix, a company that disappointed its fans who expected a new installment of Parasite Eve, but instead announced a new NFT game called Symbiogenesis, confirmed its commitment to these digital items in a letter published by the president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, who said that this market continues to be an important objective to invest money during this 2023.

And now, it has been reported that the popular company will release a series of Final Fantasy VII trading cards that will include NFT, in a collection called Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum: Digital Card Plus, which has 207 cards and will be distributed in packs. that cost ¥440 ($3.30) each, containing six physical trading cards and one “digital trading card.”

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The latter can be exchanged for an NFT version of a card. Square Enix ensures that it is possible to obtain an NFT version of any of the 207 physical cards. Like the Cloud Strife Digital Plus Edition action figure, which will also come with an NFT version of the figure, those who purchase the cards and want to redeem their digital version will need to create an account on the NFT Enjin platform and download their app. from Enjin wallet.

Square Enix notes that there is “no upper limit” on the number of NFT cards that can be redeemed, and they still can’t be transferred or resold to someone else. In addition, it adds that if Enjin’s service ends in the future, “you may not be able to see or use the digital card.”

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