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Splinterlands uses Web3 technology powered by the Hive blockchain. Every card in the Splinterlands is a unique NFT that is owned by the player. Hive blockchain is a decentralized community-driven blockchain.

Each card in Splinterlands has its own abilities and stats. It can be used in different ways. It can be used for winning rewards, trading, collectibles, and the like. Additionally, the cards can be combined to make them stronger, or often used to burn them to get Dark Energy Crystal (DEC), which is the native currency of the game.

More About Splinterlands Game

Splinterlands is built by using the benefits of blockchain which keeps the data stored. That is why, it is trusted by gamers as all the data is recorded or kept safe. This gives fairness, transparency, and ownership to the player. It also provides the chance to earn cryptocurrency while playing.

For playing Splinterlands, users have to sign in through email. In order to earn the rewards, NFTs, and season-long quests, the player needs to have a hive account. By creating the hive account, the user can log in to the website. 

Further, the player may access control over the game by using the hive blockchain. This also avoids the need for third-party intermediaries. 

When a player buys a card, the documentation is stored on the blockchain. This enhances the feature of safety in the game. Players can buy, sell, and trade with confidence, and real-time matches are performed. 

Splinterlands rewards in the form of SPS tokens for winning games as well as NFTs, packs, potions, and tokens. Moreover, rewards are given when players triumph in the battle.

Ways of Earning in Splinterlands Game

There are many ways of earning money while playing Splinterlands game:

  1. Loot Chests

Players receive loot chests depending on their ranking in the game. The ranking in the season is vital. The higher the rank of the player, the more will be the chest. This box or chest can have cards or DEC. The DEC amount ranges from a few crystals to 2000 crystals.

  1. Selling Cards

To earn money, users can sell the cards in the live marketplace and earn money. For selling a card, it is not necessary to play the game. Legendary cards can sell from 40 to 50 DEC.

  1. Renting Cards

This is always a good source of earnings. Even if the user is not in the game, the cards can be rented out to others. A good amount can be earned depending on the rarity, power, and rank of the card.

  1. Season Rewards

Season rewards are provided with a large sum of DEC. It is pre-decided and the league champion will get 200,000 DEC while 30,000 DEC is awarded to the bronze league champion.

  1. Tournaments

Splinterlands has a tournament calendar with a daily competition of prizes. Various prizes are given based on the players league level.

  1. Battles

Participating in ranked battles will result in earning rewards. Further, to participate in the game, one needs to go on the combat page and choose ranked as the combat type and after winning earn the defined reward. 


The Splinterlands game is not only exciting to play but it also provides ways to earn while playing. With tournament prizes and season rewards players can earn hundreds of DEC while playing it.

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