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The sale of the Validator Node license released by the unique digital trading card game sold out within 11 minutes after releasing its pre-sale. This historic milestone resulted in a burn of 14.5 million SPS and 1 million vouchers, with 3.6 million being added to the DAO, which accumulated approximately $4 million in USD value.

Node operators will earn a portion of the 3,750,000 SPS per month, where 10% is reserved for the top 100 node operators.

The Validator Node License is recognized as a major milestone for Splinterlands in its goal of moving toward a decentralized business framework, which allows users to obtain Splintershards (SPS), Splinterlands’ governance tokens.

The licenses are being sold solely through SPS and vouchers, with 80% of all SPS being burned immediately upon sale. Meanwhile, the remaining 20% will be added to the DAO for the players to help govern.

Liam Labistour, the director of Growth for Splinterlands said:

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