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Splinterlands, the innovative digital trading card game, is gearing up with its upcoming expansion set known as “Rebellion.” This exciting new addition to the Splinterlands universe introduces a host of fresh content, new card abilities, Summoner powers, and even a unique airdrop system. The Rebellion set is scheduled for an official release on December 5th.

The World of Splinterlands

For the uninitiated, Splinterlands is a card game that leverages Web3 technology on the Hive blockchain. This means that every card in Splinterlands is a unique nonfungible token owned by the player, providing full ownership over in-game assets.

Rebellion will be the fifth core expansion for Splinterlands, consisting of a formidable array of 96 cards. Among these, two promotional cards will be exclusively available during the pre-sale period.

What’s New in Rebellion?

The release of Rebellion will most likely bring a significant shift to the game’s meta, particularly for Modern format players. In the Modern format, cards from the Untamed edition and its accompanying mini-edition, Azmure Dice, will be excluded from gameplay. However, the Wild format will continue to allow all editions, providing a diverse and dynamic gameplay experience.

Rebellion sets itself apart with the introduction of four exciting new card abilities:

  1. Armored Strike: This ability allows a unit to unleash an additional melee attack using its Armor stat, adding an element of surprise and deadliness to the battlefield.
  2. Corrosive Ward: When hit with a melee attack, a unit with Corrosive Ward damages the attacker’s Armor and reduces their maximum Armor. This ability is the nemesis of the Repair ability, making it a formidable addition to your strategy.
  3. Flank: Units with the Flank ability, when placed in the first position, bestow the Reach ability upon the unit in the second position. This paves the way for new tactical maneuvers and coordinated attacks.
  4. Lookout: A unit with the Lookout ability provides protection to adjacent allies by reducing damage from attackers with Sneak, Snipe, and Opportunity abilities. It’s the perfect defense against lurking threats.

Multi-Element Summoners and Summoner Tactics

Rebellion also brings forth the concept of multi-element Summoners and Summoner Tactics. Multi-element Summoners will typically have a higher Mana cost than their single-element counterparts. Players will need to make strategic decisions about when to deploy them, taking into account the size of the available card pool.

The introduction of Summoner Tactics adds a whole new layer of strategy to battles. These powers can be utilized after both teams have been revealed, allowing players to adapt their strategies on the fly. For now, this unique mechanic is exclusive to the Rebellion Summoners, showcasing the game’s commitment to strategic depth.

Final Thoughts

With new cards, abilities, Summoner powers, and the innovative Summoner Tactics mechanic, Rebellion is looking to bring new spice to the Splinterlands experience. 

For more information on Splinterlands, you can visit their website and follow them on Twitter for the latest announcements.