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Ever since crypto and NFTs got big, Blockchain-based games have also been on the rise as many players have shown interest in them due to their play-to-earn features. Spells of Genesis belongs to the fantasy arcade Collectible Card Game (CCG)/ Trading Card Game (TCG) genre where players have to battle opponents in order to get through levels and collect various hero cards and orbs and upgrade, combine and trade with them. Here in this article, we will review Spells of Genesis and share our first impressions of the game.

The gameplay obviously isn’t the biggest element to go off on here and when it comes to the Blockchain side of things, players can use blockchain collectibles from their wallets or buy in-game cards and “blockchainize” them. Although the game advertises unique and engaging gameplay, ball-busting gameplay might not be everyone’s cup of tea and is casual at best. 

Collect and combine cards to defeat opponents in the land of Askian

Starting off with the review, Spells of Genesis has quite a bit of content, with 30 campaigns, which have a total of 700 levels. Aside from the main PvE mode players start out with, there’s a PvP mode which has better rewards for going up against real and skilled players, and the challenge mode, in which you have to survive for as long as possible against randomly generated enemies. 

Image via EverdreamSoft

As mentioned before, the gameplay isn’t really anything special. Players have to kill off their enemies, who have a counter with the number of moves left before they alose attack the player. The game is set in a 2D view and has casual ball-bursting gameplay. 

Overall, if you’re looking for something casual that you can pull out and dedicate lesser attention to, then the gameplay would work fine for you. There’s something of a story, although it wouldn’t be of too much significance to most and is quite cheesy.

Blockchainize your cards and convert them into blockchain-based digital assets

Now players can play without their blockchain wallets connected, although the very reason you pick up this game probably would just be the P2E elements so there’s not much reason to not connect a wallet. There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the simplistic gameplay, aside from perhaps the energy system, which has been despised by players for a while, and also, how the game is a bit stingy with handing our premium currencies. 

Image via EverdreamSoft

Now one key feature of the game is how players can “blockchainize” cards, a feature that allows players to put in-game cards onto the Blockchain. Fully leveled-up quad-fused cards can be put on the Blockchain for a fee, and players can use this to earn by selling the cards for ETH or CP. The rarer the card, the more it’ll sell for. The process of blockchainize-ing cards is a little more cumbersome than some others we’ve come across but it’s not terribly slow.

Image via EverdreamSoft

Again, this game is for those interested in a play-to-earn system and the gameplay might not hold up for most people on its own. There were no major or game-breaking bugs or glitches observed during the testing period.

The game comes with normal graphics, standard audio, and a decent UI

The graphics aren’t anything special and look a little dull but there’s not really much to complain about considering the gameplay. The audio is pretty standard too with a soundtrack and effects that work fine with the game. The game’s tap and drag controls are pretty responsive and work just fine, while the UI is pretty decent too although it might be a little rough around the edges sometimes. 

No ads but IAPs are a part of the game

The game does not have ads, which is a good thing since the gameplay would be uninterrupted but there are quite a few in-app purchases. Gems are the main currency of the game and if you want to actually earn anything from it then you will have to invest some money.

Spell of Genesis blockchain cards
Image via EverdreamSoft

The game isn’t exactly too generous with that either so players will have to dole out some money for IAPs. There are daily rewards though which can be used to improve your cards so like every other similar game out there players will have to make use of the different currencies to create rare cards.

Final Verdict

While Spells of Genesis might not be the best Blockchain-based game out there, it’s still a decent title, albeit a little lacking in the gameplay, but that’s standard for a lot of these games. The Blockchain elements seem to check out and work fine although it for sure is a grind like other play-to-earn games.

Again, it isn’t perfect but it’s playable. The game really is exclusively for those who’re looking for something in the Play-to-Earn genre since if that’s not your main concern here then the gameplay might not hold up too well. 

Gameplay Mechanics – 6

Game modes and Storyline – 7

Graphics and Music – 7

Controls and UI – 7

Play-to-Earn Elements – 7



Spells of Genesis is a decent NFT-based Play-to-Earn game. It offers little in terms of core gameplay but it’s playable for those who’re looking for something in the Play-to-Earn genre

What are your opinions on the Spells of Genesis game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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