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Skyweaver, the captivating blockchain trading card game, is unveiling its most significant patch to date. Packed with thrilling features and improvements, the latest update introduces Hero Abilities and over 100 new cards. Alongside a revamped onboarding system, players, whether new or seasoned, will receive new starter decks comprising more than 25 brand-new cards. This patch not only enriches the game with exciting gameplay elements but also balances the viability of Mono and Dual Prism Heroes. 

Hero Abilities Unleashed

In a bid to bridge the gap between Mono and Dual Prism Heroes, Skyweaver introduces Hero Abilities for its Mono-Prism Heroes. These five Heroes, namely Ada, Samya, Bouran, Ari, and Lotus, will experience a surge in their power and strategic options. Each Hero possesses a unique ability tailored to their Prism specialization, empowering players to explore diverse strategies.

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New Hero Abilities

Ada, the Strength Hero, gains the Empower ability. This ability enhances the first Unit played each turn, amplifying its strength and augmenting the stat-driven gameplay that defines Strength.

Samya, a Hero of Agility, gains the Lightspeed ability. This grants her the ability to attack an enemy Unit, in addition to her regular attack, once per turn. Lightspeed complements Agility’s theme of swift and precise strikes, establishing early tempo and synergizing with various existing cards.

Bouran, a Hero rooted in Heart, acquires the Ritualize ability. With this power, players can pay 1 mana to trigger the Death effect of an ally Unit once per turn. Ritualize leverages Heart’s affinity for Death effects, enabling players to reap additional benefits from some of the faction’s strongest cards.

Ari, an ingenious Hero of Intellect, unlocks the Spear Shot Spell through the ability to convert mana into matter. By spending 1 mana per turn, players can create a 0-cost Spear Shot Spell, dealing 1 damage to any targeted enemy. This ability allows Ari to efficiently deal with threats while managing limited resources.

Lotus, a Hero embodying Wisdom, possesses the Enlightened ability, which enhances her passive capabilities. For every 5 Max Mana gained, Enlightened provides Lotus with +3 health and draws an additional card. This passive ability ensures that players using Lotus can maintain a resource advantage over their opponents, even in the late game.

Expanding the Game with New Cards

Skyweaver’s patch not only introduces Hero Abilities but also adds over 100 new cards to the game. These cards enrich the gameplay experience, encouraging players to explore new strategies and reinforcing existing ones. Among these cards, some are specifically designed to assist new users in understanding the game mechanics and fostering a sense of exploration.

Furthermore, the patch introduces five 30-card starter decks, each featuring a unique combination of these new cards. While initially, only single-prism Heroes will possess Hero Abilities, the developers plan to gradually roll out abilities for multi-prism Heroes as the year progresses. This ensures that all players can enjoy the enhanced gameplay and engage with the evolving metagame.

Skyweaver is currently in its Open Beta phase, offering free gameplay on its website or via game downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android platforms.

Final Thoughts

Skyweaver’s latest patch represents a monumental leap forward for the game, introducing Hero Abilities and a vast array of new cards. With the inclusion of abilities for Mono-Prism Heroes, players can expect a more balanced and engaging experience. The introduction of new cards and starter decks not only fosters exploration for new users but also bolsters existing strategies. Skyweaver continues to evolve, providing an immersive and thrilling experience for all fans of the digital trading card game genre.