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Divided into different phases, the LEND token sales offer users the opportunity to purchase LEND tokens, which come with a unique revenue-sharing model.

👋 Hey future Lenders!

It is with great pleasure that we can finally reveal more information about the LEND token sales launching directly on our site —

Throughout this article you can find out details for how each sale will take place, what you need to do to get involved and what you can expect on the day.

Make sure you read the ‘How to join the LEND token sales’ section below to show how you can register your interest and make sure you’re ready for the sales before they go live! If you wait, you may miss out!

Keep reading to find out how you’ll be able to get LEND tokens before anyone else and start earning protocol revenue right from launch…

About LEND:

LEND Finance is our cross-chain DeFi lending platform designed to help users effortlessly maximize their crypto assets’ earning potential. With LEND, users can deposit crypto assets to earn competitive interest rates or use their crypto holdings as collateral to borrow other assets.

To showcase the key selling points of our cross-chain DeFi lending protocol powered by Multichain, we have created a promotional video that highlights the platform’s unique features and benefits. Immerse yourself in the LEND Finance experience by watching the video below:

What are the LEND token sales?

The upcoming token sales for LEND, are offering users the first opportunity to get their hands on our revolutionary token from our highly anticipated DeFi lending protocol — LEND

📅Starting: May 17 14:00 UTC on

The LEND token is expected to be in high demand due to its unique revenue-sharing model that sees 25% of ALL cross-chain revenue directly back with users of the LEND platform that choose to stake or lock their tokens.

By participating in the token sale, users will not only have the chance to get their hands on the LEND token, but they will also be supporting the development and growth of the LEND protocol. The sale is a great opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a promising DeFi project and to share in its success.

After the sale launches, we will be conducting our $50,000 testnet campaign and $100,000 CoinMarketCap Airdrop!

Benefits of taking part in the LEND sales:

Users that get on the whitelist and take part in the $LEND token private sale will get many benefits and exciting opportunities…


There’s also value in the price! If you don’t take part in the $LEND private sale you won’t get to benefit from the discounted price and you’ll have to buy it for almost double at the public sale.

Private sale price: $0.03 / $LEND
Public sale price: $0.07 / $LEND
👉I know which one I’d want to fill my bags at!😉


Users that take part in the private sale event will be the first in the world to get $LEND tokens and unlock the incredible earning potential of the LEND ecosystem.


Finally, everyone taking part in the first private sale will mean you get access to mint our exclusive event NFT, powered by Galxe! This NFT will be rewarded to all participants of the private sale on the day.

Furthermore, another exciting opportunity for users who take part in the private sale, will be an exclusive $LEND airdrop. Any user who purchases at least $10 of $LEND will be entered into a random airdrop of $1000 — we will release more details of this in the coming weeks before the official launch.

That’s not all! As BSC News are such good friends of LEND Finance, we’re also running a VIP $500 TENFI giveaway for 10 BSC News NFT holders that have a whitelist who take part in the private sale event.


All tokens bought during the private sale will earn protocol revenue as you are waiting for the vesting period to end. Meaning sale participants will be among the first in the world to share 25% of all cross-chain protocol revenue.

How will the LEND token sales be structured?

The sales on will be divided into two different phases, we feel this gives our users the most options to get access to LEND tokens no matter what type of investor they are.

🟢 Sale Phases:

☑️ An initial seed round — Now Sold out!
☑️ A private sale round — Open to LEND Community Members
☑️ Concluding with a final public sale — Date TBA

🔒Private Round: 📅 17 May ⏰ 14:00 UTC

The $LEND token private sale is simply the first opportunity to secure $LEND tokens before the public sale. If you’re planning on using the LEND Finance ecosystem to earn passive income from yield farming Lending pools, you’ll definitely need LEND tokens as this will unlock a whole new stream of revenue by allowing you to claim 25% of ALL future revenue generated by the protocol.

This event is where our keen whitelisted users can buy LEND tokens for $0.03 with a maximum purchase of $250,000 per wallet.

Private Sale LEND Price: $0.03 / LEND
Available LEND: 75,000,000 LEND or $2,225,000
Maximum per wallet: $250,000
Launch Date: 17 MAY 14:00 UTC ->

✅ This event will have a minimum purchase of $100 to participate.


$LEND tokens from the private sale will be vested for 12 months. 10% will be received at the Genesis Event, followed by a 3-month cliff and linear vesting unlock from months 4–12 at 10.00% a month.

During this time all tokens bought during the private round will be earning the full 25% of platform revenue as any stakers or lockers!

👉Securing $LEND tokens at the private sale, means securing passive income from our platform revenue the whole year!

🎉Public Round:

The final public round is a chance for any late entrants’ wallets to get some LEND tokens! We wanted this event to be accessible for investors of all sizes, as such during this sale there will be no minimum or maximum purchases, but there are limited tokens, so if you want LEND — Don’t hang about!

Public Sale LEND Price: $0.07 / LEND
Available LEND: 5,000,000 LEND or $350,000
Maximum per wallet: N/A

✅ This event will not require a minimum purchase to participate.

VESTING: 15% at TGE, followed by a 1-month cliff with linear vesting for 5 months at 17% per month

💰Earning: Tokens bought during the public sale WILL start to earn protocol revenue during vesting period.


The upcoming token sale for LEND is a highly anticipated event in the crypto community. Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on LEND tokens and be part of the exciting world of cross-chain DeFi.

🚨IMPORTANT NOTICE — Watch out for fakes!🚨

During this time as we prepare for the imminent launch of the fantastic LEND DeFi platform and token, some bad actors will try to take advantage of the LEND community’s enthusiasm. Here are some sure-fire tips to make sure you stay safe and ready to #LENDtoEarn👇

✅ CHECK ALL events are from our official announcement channel.


❌ Do NOT join ANY events from third parties that haven’t been published in our announcement channel or via our Twitter account. If in doubt, you can always ask our friendly mods in our global chat.


❌ Do NOT accept any unsolicited messages from strangers on Telegram or other socials. Our mods & admins will NEVER DM you first, anybody that does is trying to scam you.

✅ Report any fakes to the community & on the social platform you have spotted them on and to our mods.

❤️ Thanks for reading!

As we continue to get ready for launch make sure you’re following all LEND Finance social channels to be the first to hear news, updates, and fantastic opportunities in our prelaunch event.🤝

✅ Please, do not hesitate to contact us and join the LEND family today:

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