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How far is this going to go, I wonder? The right-wing media is desperate to keep Donald Trump looking good to as many Republicans as possible, and keeping the hard core MAGAs on the hook. That’s their bread and butter. It’s getting increasingly more difficult to spin Trump as being okay. He may mock the “91 fake charges” but the fact is that there is a real justice system out there and he is in some peril. He knows that. He can laugh about it all he wants, but he’s in bad shape.

And even something mundane like a football game is not a safe space for Trump any longer. The Iowa v. Iowa State game was a show within a show. There was the football game and then there was the show in the stands where Ron DeSantis shuffled in looking downcast while Trump was trolled by a plane dragging a sky banner “Where’s Melania?” Last month a similar banner saying, “Be likeable, Ron” was flown over the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

Back to the football hero. Gee, I wonder why he didn’t just run on the field and show them how to do it?

Is that Trump’s “I feel the testosterone surging” face? Or is that his, “I hope my diapers hold” face? We see a posturing baboon but the MAGAs, who look through a distorted lens, see Trump as a football superhero. I’m sure some version of this will find its way to a digital trading card. Oh wait, here’s an image from the “love fest.” Can’t you just feel the love?

More love, from a different angle.

Wide angle of the love fest.

So much love. All you need is love, right Donald? And in your case, a time machine to go back before all this ever happened. Just by the by, is that how you hold a football? Or is that how you hold a roll of paper towels? Asking for a friend.

If that’s the look of love, here’s the sound of love.

And more. Apparently there’s clips going out with cheers instead of boos. I don’t doubt. Truth is under attack in this country, while lies flourish. Was it Mark Twain who said, “A lie can get half way around the world in the time it takes the truth to get its boots on.”

This is new to me.

Remember this old line of Trump’s?

Finally, after a big day, the little man went home.

Where’s Melania?