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San Antonio Spurs rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama has already made waves in the NFT world with a six-figure sale via Sorare NBA last week, and now the 19-year-old hoops star is set to debut in NBA Top Shot this afternoon.

Wembanyama is one of the fresh-faced NBA players featured in the Rookie Debut: Headliners Web pack dropping at 3pm ET Tuesday, along with Brandon Miller, Scoot Henderson, Amen Thompson, Ausar Thompson, and Chet Holmgren.

Each pack includes five total NFT collectibles, each depicting a video highlight from an NBA player, with one of those five moments coming from one of the aforementioned rookies. Dapper Labs will make 2,445 total packs available at $79 apiece.

Wembanyama is already making an impact for the Spurs, including putting up 38 points in a single game last week. His first single-edition “Unique” digital trading card for the NFT-based game Sorare NBA sold for more than $110,000 at auction last week, topping the highest price paid for one of his physical trading cards—$67,333 for a pre-rookie card.

NBA Top Shot is Dapper’s officially licensed NBA collectibles platform on the Flow blockchain. It was an early standout in the NFT boom of 2021, helping break tokenized collectibles into the mainstream with overwhelming demand, but sales have fallen substantially since then.

Top Shot saw about $1.5 million worth of NFT trades in October, per data from CryptoSlam. That’s down from a monthly peak of $220 million worth of sales in February 2021. Dapper Labs is also behind the NFL All Day and UFC Strike collectibles platforms.

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