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Published October 19, 2023

AMSTERDAN, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2023 / In yet another bold move, RBL Labs – The Web3 gaming studio is in the news with its upcoming redeemable NFT collection, 4Cs (Forces). The title of the collection was designed as a satirical commentary on the present state of the NFT market.

Since its launch in 2021, RBL Labs has been on a mission to document the historical triumph of the crypto, blockchain and Web 3 industry in a fun and rewarding way through their flagship trading card game, LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame). They celebrate pioneers and influential players in the crypto space by creating game cards featuring characters and memes inspired by prominent crypto and web3 figures such as Satoshi Nakamoto, VC Guy, VC Queen, No Coiner, Bitcoin Miner, HODLer, and many others.

The newly unveiled characters of the upcoming NFT collection, called The 4Cs (Forces), bring humour and satire to life while staying true to the brand. The crypto industry is currently facing its longest bear market yet, with many debating the state of NFTs. Some sceptics are convinced that NFTs are dead, and have never had any real-life use-cases.

The new collection aims to document the rapidly evolving crypto industry. It captures ongoing conversations through the lens of humour with the help of The 4Cs characters, who serve as the voices of ardent believers in the Web3 movement and sceptics alike. By offering digital products with redeemable real-life utility, the project aims to bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2 audiences who are actively engaging in this existential debate.

The 4Cs (Forces)

The new redeemable NFT collection consists of four main characters known as the 4Cs or ‘Forces’. These characters are Creators, Cybers, Catalysts, and Controllers, representing the fundamental pillars that support the crypto ecosystem and web3. They form the foundation of the movement, immortalizing their legacy in the annals of web3 history.

The Creators are the innovators and visionaries who aim to radically transform the world of art within the web3 space. Through their passion, creativity, and innovation, they are shaping the future of digital art.

The Cybers are the dynamic entities venturing into the territories of web3, Metaverse, and virtual reality. They engage with advanced technologies, foster virtual communities, and push the boundaries of digital interaction, making cyberspace a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

The Catalysts mirroring their namesake in the world of chemistry, accelerate the evolution of the crypto industry. They lower barriers, making the crypto industry more accessible and dynamic, shaping its growth and expansion.

The Controllers are the intrepid games who navigate the virtual landscapes and lead the GameFi revolution. Their vision is to create a space where players wield true ownership, where transparency is the norm, and where rewards are plentiful.

The Collection

The 4Cs (Forces) collection consists of 2,500 NFT avatars in four different rarities – Prestige, Elite, Super Elite, and Legendary. The minting process is closed, and owners will receive their avatars in various rarities selected randomly. The sale will be exclusively hosted on Rarible starting on October 27, 2023.

Utility and Beyond

The collection includes exclusive redeemable items. All owners of the new avatars will be given LC Points, which can be redeemed for any item in the merch store. The merchandise consists of hoodies, beanies, caps, and T-shirts personalized with the 4Cs characters. One of the redeemable items is the LegendsOfCrypto Table Card Game, which provides an enjoyable offline experience for the community to play with their cards like never before. It is the first time that the Table Card Game will be available for purchase.

Other utilities include discounts on future merch drops and a discount for LOCGame NFT Packs, renaming of the NFTs, exclusive pre-sale access for future merchandise, avatar staking to earn $LOCG tokens, in-game use of avatars, and the chance to be airdropped $LOCG tokens after holding the NFTs for 12 months.

The 4Cs (Forces) statement merchandise and Table Card Game will be available for purchase by the general public, especially for people who are still sceptical about NFTs but want in on the thrill of owning the fashion items and card games.

The 4Cs (Forces) collection exemplifies RBL Labs’ innovative vision, offering a unique perspective on the NFT market while bridging Web3 and Web2.

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About RBL Labs:

RBL Labs is a leading player in the NFT space, known for celebrating the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry through its innovative NFT collections. With a commitment to humour and creativity, RBL Labs continues to push the boundaries of NFT artistry.


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