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In an ironic turn of events, Pranksy (an avid NFT collector) was recently tricked into purchasing a fake Banksy NFT for $336,000 USD worth of Ethereum. Initially, there was a link on Banksy’s official website that redirected audiences to the NFT marketplace, OpenSea, which the collector hurried over to outbid for a work, titled Great Redistribution of the Climate Change Disaster. Subsequently, the link was then removed on Bansky’s website, causing the collector to question the purchase.

Remarkably, the fraudster refunded the money (minus the $5,000 OpenSea transaction fee), which Pranksy took to Twitter describing them as an “ethical hacker” — a real oxymoron of sorts. Humbled by the unusual day, Pranksy warned others to watch out for the various types of fraud in both the NFT marketplace and the internet as a whole.

Also in the news, the city of Amsterdam is returning a Kandinsky painting to its pre-war heirs.


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