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Pokeball on pile of Pokemon Trading Cards in room.

To collect them all, we must search far and wide. But if what you want is the latest sets of Pokémon TCG cards, at a great discount, you need to check out this curated set of deals Best Buy has put together. You can get individual packs of Pokémon cards for as low as $3, or larger boxes for extra goodies and even more discounts. All you need to do to access the curated Pokémon Booster Pack Best Buy Black Friday sale is tap the button below. Keep reading to get an overview of the card sets available within these bundles.

Why you should shop the Best Buy Pokémon TCG pack sale

So, packs are cheap right now, but what can we get? It depends on which packs you get! Here’s an overview of what we’re seeing:

Crown Zenith: Explore the myths and legends of Sinnoh with the likes of Zoroark VSTAR and Regigas, plus get the chance to encounter the cutest full card art Paras card possible.

Don’t Miss:

Scarlet and Violet – Paradox Rift: See old friends with new types, such as the electric type Mewtoo. Then, take a glimpse into the future with Artificial Future Pokémon.

Scarlet and Violet – Obsidian Flames: Obsidian Flames gives you more opportunities to type-swapped Pokémon, plus the card art has a gem-like quality. This is the Charizard to get!

Paldea Evolved: Paldea is the home of Ting-Lu, a Pokémon that will curses the very grounds it lives on. One of the most fun quirks of the set is an Eevee-style set of differently typed Tauros cards.

Pokémon Go (TCG): While it isn’t the hit mobile game, it does take inspiration from it. Much of the card art features Pokémon in real world situations and environments. But, it’s still Pokémon, so there’s a lot of Pokemon-style fantasy in the mix as well!

To get these packs, extra goodies, and more (we saw a pencil case) just tap the button below. It’ll take you to the curated collection of on-sale Pokémon packs. You can get individual packs for as low as $3 and box sets on the cheap. Not satisfied? Check out these other Black Friday toy deals, you’ll find something interesting for sure.

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