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Nintendo Co., Ltd’s NTDOY The Pokémon Company recently hosted a Pokémon Presents showcase, discussing upcoming projects within the franchise.

Here are the 35-minute event’s highlights, as reported by Kotaku.

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  • Pokémon Worlds Championship: The stream started with an update on the upcoming Pokémon Worlds Championship in Yokohama, Japan. It also featured an event, the Pokémon Trainer Cruise, where attendees can play, trade and socialize onboard.
  • Pokémon: Path to Peak: A new animation series that follows a Trading Card Game player, set to premiere before the Worlds Championship tournament.
  • Detective Pikachu Returns: A sequel to the adventure game, releasing on Switch on Oct. 6. It’s a follow-up to the popular 3DS game.
  • Pokémon Horizons: The English version of the anime series following Ash and Pikachu’s journey after their departure is in the works.
  • Pokémon Go: Upcoming update adding monsters from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to the mobile game in September.
  • Pokémon Unite: A new mode, Panic Parade, and Mega Mewtwo Y joining the roster on Aug. 17 in the Pokémon MOBA game.
  • Pokémon Masters EX: New sync pairs including Paldea sync pair Nemona and Pawmot, as well as Victor and Spectrier, coming in August.
  • Pokémon Cafe Remix: New forms of Tatsugiri added to the game during its debut event from Aug. 8 to 19.
  • Nintendo Switch Online: Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Stadium 2 are now available on Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Pokémon Sleep: An event called Good Sleep Day that boosts Drowsy Power on nights with a full moon.
  • Pokémon: Paldean Winds: A digital anime launching on Sept. 6 focusing on students of Paldea academy as they find their place in the world.
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Updates: New Mew and Mewtwo events, with Mew available now and the Mewtwo raid running from Sept. 1 to 17.

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Photo by Bahnijit Barman on Unsplash