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Welcome to our in-depth analysis of the recent surge in Polygon’s value following the successful sale of Pokémon card trading packs. In this article, we will explore the key factors behind Polygon’s impressive growth, the impact of the Pokémon card trading packs on the cryptocurrency, and the implications for both the Polygon and Pokémon communities.

Polygon’s MATIC Token Sparks Pokémon NFT Mania

Polygon’s MATIC token recently ignited a Pokémon NFT craze, causing a seismic ripple across the blockchain community. This week’s highlight showcased Polygon’s MATIC token as it orchestrated an exhilarating Pokémon NFT card auction, captivating enthusiasts who eagerly showcased their Pokémon NFT card collections on the blockchain. In a unique twist, instead of purchasing specific cards outright, buyers opted for enigmatic parcels – virtual bundles with the potential to contain coveted Pokémon-themed cards. This innovative approach drew parallels to the NBA Topshot ecosystem’s “Moments” concept, as cardholders engaged in “pack rips” to unveil the treasures hidden within their acquisitions. Facilitates Swift PSA-Graded Card Selection

This auction event unfolded in two distinct phases, with all 175 Pokémon Cards being swiftly claimed. The process of hand-picking PSA-Graded cards available on the blockchain was made seamless with the assistance of Endorsed by a consortium of esteemed consumer brands, including BRINKS Security, MoonPay, and VaynerFund, stands out as an innovative digital asset marketplace that also offers secure physical storage solutions in collaboration with Brink’s.

The Stress Test: Break Event

In the event known as the “Stress Test: Break,” participants were given the unique opportunity to acquire virtual Pokémon card packs for a mere $5.00 USD. These packs contained a selection of cards, including the highly coveted PSA9 graded cards from the year 2000, each valued at around $500.

To take part in this exciting endeavor, users were required to create an account and seamlessly integrate with Google, resulting in the automatic establishment of a secure custodial wallet. Notably, the acquisition of these digital card packs was not limited to cryptocurrency transactions; the event was thoughtfully designed to accommodate credit card payments, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.

Unveiling and Transfer of Digital Cards

Following the purchase of these digital card packs, scheduled the grand reveal of the acquired packs to take place exactly 24 hours later, on September 21st. Moreover, the platform went a step further by allowing users to transfer these cards beyond its confines, providing them with the means to securely store these digital treasures in their self-custody wallets on the Polygon blockchain.

Digital Pack Opening and Liquidity: A Modern Collectibles Trend

The analyst also observed that this approach bore a resemblance to a “Rollbit-style loot box,” albeit tailored for existing RWA collectibles. Subsequent to the acquisition, a waiting period ensued, during which purchasers could unveil their cards after 24 hours. However, any packs left unopened would autonomously disclose their contents 48 hours after the initial purchase. It’s worth noting that presently, unopened 2000 Base Set booster boxes are commanding prices exceeding $15,000.

Regarding the rationale behind opting for the digital pack opening experience as opposed to physically unboxing a booster box, @S4mmy.eth highlighted the concept of liquidity as a decisive factor.


In the preceding month, Polygon surged ahead of Solana (SOL), solidifying its status as the second most vibrant blockchain for NFT transactions. This notable shift in ranking is likely influenced by the recent actions taken by the SEC, which implicated Solana as one of 18 other cryptocurrencies alleged to possess characteristics akin to “securities.”

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