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I am thrilled to witness Philippine Airlines (PAL) taking a bold step into the world of blockchain with its limited-edition digital art collectible collection. This collaboration with Philippine Blockchain Week marks a significant milestone, not just for PAL but for the entire blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines.

The introduction of this collection comes at a pivotal moment when Web3 technology is reshaping various industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with digital assets.

The collection, featuring eight unique digital art pieces designed by the talented artist Patricia (Trace) Orozco, showcases the iconic elements of PAL’s aviation legacy, adding a touch of artistic charm to the world of digital collectibles. Each art piece will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain platform, providing a secure and transparent means of ownership and verification for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

What makes the PAL collectibles even more appealing is the value they hold. Each collectible includes $1,500 worth of Mabuhay Miles for redemption, providing buyers the opportunity to enjoy PAL’s services at their convenience. Additionally, buyers receive a ticket to the prestigious Michael Cinco Metaverse Fashion Gala 2023, an exclusive event featuring the designer’s first-ever non-fungible tokens collection.

Moreover, PAL’s strategic partnership with Philippine Blockchain Week adds further value to these digital art collectibles. Buyers will be treated to a VIP ticket to the blockchain event annually for the next three years, enabling them to delve deeper into the world of blockchain technology and its vast potential.

As we look ahead to the upcoming Blockchain Week conference at the Marriott Grand Ballroom from Sept. 19 to 21, we anticipate an exciting convergence of blockchain enthusiasts, industry leaders, and visionaries. This year’s event will serve as a platform to showcase real-world applications of blockchain technology, bridging the gap between traditional industries and the world of Web3.

PAL’s entry into the world of blockchain art collectibles signifies a progressive mindset, embracing innovation, and exploring the potential of blockchain technology in new and exciting ways. This initiative not only enriches the PAL brand but also serves as an inspiring example for other organizations in the Philippines to leverage blockchain technology and explore the infinite possibilities of Web3.

Lufthansa, a global leader in the airline industry, is also making strides in the NFT space. The airline’s Uptrip app transforms flights into rewarding experiences, offering travelers digital trading cards that unlock privileges such as in-flight Wi-Fi, lounge access, and upgrades. These trading cards are stored as unique NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, showcasing Lufthansa’s commitment to embracing blockchain’s potential to redefine customer rewards. The 1st Edition of these NFT trading cards, launched last March, offers users the chance to receive rewards worth €3,000. This innovative move highlights Lufthansa’s dedication to delivering exceptional travel experiences while harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Etihad Airways, a renowned airline from the United Arab Emirates, is also making waves in the NFT space. The airline just recently announced an expansion of its loyalty and rewards programs. Holders of these NFTs can expect a range of appealing privileges, including a 12-month Etihad Guest Silver Tier Status, priority check-in, a 25% increase in earning Etihad Guest Miles, exclusive lounge access at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and membership to the Etihad: Virtual Club. With plans to introduce a staking-for-miles feature through their upcoming Web3 loyalty program, Horizon Club, set to launch in September, Etihad is taking innovative steps to reward its community, showcasing their commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies.

These initiatives reflect a dynamic shift in the airline industry, showcasing a commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and redefining customer engagement. The Blockchain Council of the Philippines is committed to supporting and collaborating with visionary companies to unlock the immense potential of blockchain in reshaping our digital landscape, contributing to a more inclusive and prosperous future for the Philippines.

As we look ahead to the rapidly evolving landscape of Southeast Asia’s digital economy, these developments provide an inspiring glimpse into the future possibilities of blockchain technology and its transformative power.

Dr. Donald Lim is the founding president of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines and the lead convenor of the Philippine Blockchain Week. He is also the Asian anchor of FintechTV.