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Parallel Studios is on the brink of expanding its Web3 gaming prowess with 120 additional sci-fi NFT trading cards dubbed ‘Planetfall’ through a presale of mysterious blind bundles on October 28 at 3 pm (EST).

Gamers will shortly be faced with a trifecta of unique card bundles that introduce brand-new keys and rare collectible items in the Parallel game. The ‘Player Pack’, priced at around $32 (0.018 ETH), and ‘Collector’s Pack’, costing approximately $320 (0.18 ETH) (granting rarer cards than the former), both entail 10 cards each. The ‘Collector’s Crate’, however, is the one to watch out for, offering 10 Collector’s Packs, which amounts to a mighty 100 highly desirable cards alongside additional perks for roughly $2.848 (1.6 ETH).

Even with being up for grabs tomorrow, it’s worth noting these highly anticipated dynamic NFTs won’t become critical components of the game until the first or second quarter of 2024. Nonetheless, a significant portion of these cards have been set aside for Manifest collectors and players, so it’s advised to act promptly to secure one.

Once these intriguing NFT cards roll out, Parallel players can craft their very own card decks, selecting a powerful ‘Paragon’ main character to partake in head-to-head battles. The ultimate goal is to wipe out their opponent’s health pool with their most valuable virtual collectible.

Parallel’s NFT Card Evolution 

Parallel first joined the NFT realm in March 2021, witnessing a jaw-dropping trading volume of approximately $237 million (78,000 ETH) as a result. Since launching in beta in July, it has introduced more than 1,2000 NFTs, selling almost 6 million assets in total. 

Nonetheless, the NFT game’s forthcoming card launch stands out from its previous ones. Instead of hosting the digital assets on Coinbase’s Ethereum scaling network, Base, its newest versions are to be held on the Ethereum mainnet. Players can expect to pay slightly higher transaction fees than before. However, the hassle of bridging crypto to Base for purchases will no longer be a burden. 

On top of that, as of next week, Parallel is to introduce a new patch for its beta version, bringing numerous exciting additions, including new cosmetic skins, a battle pass, and enhanced gameplay options like field and emotes backgrounds. By October 30, this patch will also unveil an in-game store and streamline “quality-of-life” improvements to boost the game’s visual layout. Decks will also automatically pick the rarest cards players hold, simplifying the gameplay experience and elevating players’ performances. 

The vast sci-fi universe has also expanded its offerings to include an avatar PFP collection, which grants in-game perks like additional PRIME (Parallel’s ERC-20 token) as rewards for top players. 

Through its card expansion and perks, Parallel’s ongoing commitment to player engagement and innovation continues to redefine the world of dynamic NFTs and online gaming. So, be sure to secure a Planetfall NFT tomorrow — before it’s too late!

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