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For those new to the world of NFT gaming, you might be wondering, “What is Parallel?” In essence, it’s a groundbreaking trading card game where the cards you collect and play with are also NFTs.

Background & Overview

  • Industry Experience: Behind Parallel is a team of founders with impressive credentials, boasting experience from gaming giants like Blizzard and Riot.
  • Journey to Stardom: Parallel’s rise to prominence has been steady and impressive. From its initial pre-launch NFT sales in 2021, it has carved out a cult following among enthusiasts. This dedication reflects in its trading stats; it boasts an astonishing $150M volume, making it one of the most traded collections ever.
  • Resilient Performance: Even when the NFT market shows signs of slowing down, Parallel remains unfazed. Evidence? It managed to sell $1.3M worth of NFT avatars in July alone during a bear market phase.
  • Token System: The game incorporates its own token, $PRIME, which has diverse applications throughout the Parallel ecosystem.
  • Beta Launch: Marking a significant milestone, Parallel’s Beta was unveiled on July 31st.

Inside the Game

Delving into Parallel’s narrative, it transports players into a dystopian future where humanity, in its quest for technological mastery, pushes the boundaries and ends up devastating Earth. Consequently, humans scatter across space, splitting into five distinct factions.

As a player:

  • You get started with a starter deck aligned with one of these factions. While the choice matters, it isn’t set in stone—you can always diversify with more decks.
  • Each deck you own provides you with 40 NFT cards, encompassing all you require to dive into the game. The deck components are diverse, including one-time spells (effects), creatures (units), unit boosters (upgrades), and more sustained impacts (relics).
  • The game’s structure involves classic 1v1, PvP duels, which typically span 5-20 minutes.
  • There are four primary gameplay modes: Rookie, AI, Unranked, and Ranked. Among these, the Ranked mode stands out, not only because of its competitive nature but also as it offers the exclusive chance to earn $PRIME. The more NFT cards you possess in your deck during a ranked match, the better your $PRIME earning potential.

Setting aside the NFT and crypto elements, Parallel emerges as a genuinely engaging and fun game. This isn’t merely a crypto-enhanced game—it’s a quality gaming experience on par with leading titles. With sleek menus, immersive sounds, and fluid animations, Parallel offers an experience that can rival top-notch games in the card genre.

Additionally, the introduction of NFTs elevates the game. Real ownership provided by NFTs amplifies the stakes—whether it’s the thrill of opening packs, trading cards with fellow players, or the allure of earning $PRIME.

While the fusion of a monetary economy and a complex game genre can have its challenges, Parallel stands as a testament to the potential of onchain gaming.

For those eager to jump in, there’s good news—Parallel will soon be free-to-play upon its official launch. But for the enthusiasts who can’t wait, starter decks are up for grabs on Base for 0.05 ETH, but only for the next fortnight.

TLDR: Parallel is a cutting-edge trading card game backed by NFTs. With industry veterans at its helm and an innovative gaming ecosystem, it’s making waves in the NFT community. While the game promises immersive gameplay, its true potential lies in the amalgamation of traditional gaming with NFT ownership, making it a game-changer in the industry.