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Parallel Studios is launching its first expansion to its namesake sci-fi trading card game, adding over 120 new NFT cards that can be bought in blind packs and traded before they debut in the game, the studio announced Wednesday.  

As Parallel prepares to add its Planetfall expansion cards to its game, players can choose from one of three different card bundles. The Player Pack costs 0.018 ETH (about $32) and the Collector’s Pack will cost players 0.18 ETH ($320). Both the Player and Collector’s Packs come with 10 cards each. The Collector’s Crate, which consists of 10 Collector’s Packs (100 cards) as well as other perks, will set players back 1.6 ETH ($2,848).

In Parallel, gamers must choose between one of five different factions, create their own card decks, choose a “Paragon” or playable main character card, and battle enemies in 1v1 matches where the first player who can get their enemy’s health points to zero wins. 

Players won’t get to choose which cards are in their packs, but the Collector’s Pack and Collector’s Crate will grant buyers “rare” cards as opposed to the basic player pack, which will offer a mix of common, uncommon, and rare cards.

While Parallel is selling its Planetfall bundles beginning with a presale for select early adopters on October 25 (and a wider presale beginning October 28), these new cards won’t actually be added to the game until sometime in Q1 or Q2 of 2024, according to a statement.

Unlike Parallel’s previous starter deck NFT packs, which were launched on Coinbase’s Ethereum scaling network Base, Parallel’s Planetfall NFT sets will exist on the Ethereum mainnet. This means that players will see higher transaction fees (gas fees) when making purchases by comparison—but they won’t have to bridge any crypto to the Base network.

Next week, Parallel will also release a new patch for its beta, which will offer players a battle pass, new cosmetic skins, and new game options including emotes and field backs. A new in-game store will also be added with the patch, which takes effect October 30. The patch also addresses some quality-of-life changes to the game’s visual layout (UX/UI), and decks will now automatically include the rarest cards players hold.

While Parallel has been in beta since July, its team has already released over 1,200 different types of NFTs totaling nearly 6 million assets in total. Since Parallel first released NFTs in March 2021, the game has seen almost 78,000 ETH in total volume traded per data from NFTgo, tallying about $237 million worth to date.

Artwork for “Hastati Hovercraft” card and “Earthen Skimmer” card. Image: Parallel Studios.

In addition to its initial NFT cards and NFT starter decks, Parallel has also released an avatar PFP collection, which provides owners with additional in-game benefits such as extra PRIME, Parallel’s ERC-20 token, for wins.

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