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University of Miami Football Using Military Fitness Device To Track Team’s Biometric Data


Tom Friend

The University of Miami football program has integrated a military fitness device, the Warfighter Monitor, into its summer workout regimen.

In order to prevent over-exertion and enhance biometric data, Miami players are wearing the Warfighter Monitor on their arms to track respiration rate, body temperature and pulse oximetry. The device’s most distinctive tool is its single-lead electrocardiogram, a more advanced and precise way to measure heart rate.

Created by the defense contractor Tiger Tech Solutions, the monitor’s unique electrocardiogram is ultimately what led Eric Renaghan, the school’s director of sports science, to endorse the product and bring it to the team. Saying it’s “not even close,’’ Renagahn claims the Warfighter device eclipses what Apple Watches and Fitbits can do in terms of monitoring heartbeat.

“An Apple Watch, you can reach your hand on the other side and touch the watch and get an electrocardiogram,’’ the CEO of Tiger Tech Solutions Harrison Wittels told the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. “We’re actually the first device in the world that can do that from a single limb. Why that’s important is because that is the only way to get actual heart rate.’’

Due to the excessive heat in South Florida during summer workouts, Miami head coach Mario Cristobal and strength and conditioning coach Aaron Field have leveraged the Warfighter Monitor—which is not yet deployed by any other college or pro team—to shift training sessions to times that can better benefit players. Last season, the Miami coaches used data from WHOOP to alter workout and practices so players could get better rest, helping to turn around its win-loss record.

The Hurricanes recently received a commitment from five-star quarterback Jaden Rashada, the first high school player to ever receive an NIL.