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Pakistan Players Decline To Sign Central Contracts, Demand More Revenue From Sale Of Their Digital Rights

Reportedly, Pakistani cricket players have rejected extended central contracts offered by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), citing the unresolved issue of selling their licensed digital rights.

Despite the expiration of their previous contracts on June 30, the national team players remain unconvinced by the PCB’s attempts to secure new agreements.

As per an insider familiar with the situation, Pakistani players have requested a greater stake and influence in the management of their digital rights’ sales, currently overseen by the PCB.

“The players’ point of view is that other cricket boards either are not involved in the sale of players digital rights/NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or have a proper agreement with them on the sharing of revenues from this avenue,” the source revealed, as reported by news agency PTI.

The PCB reportedly gains income from the ICC and ACC in exchange for providing players’ digital rights for international events organized by these bodies. Additionally, the board generates revenue from the sale of players’ digital rights for the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

“The PCB does give the players a share from their digital rights sales but the players feel it is not enough,” the source added.

Pakistan players seek more earnings from digital and broadcasting rights sales

The rise of the cryptocurrency market has transformed the sale of sports NFTs into a significant revenue stream. Companies like Rario have committed a substantial investment of $120 million to this sector.

Sports NFTs serve as digital collectibles, allowing enthusiasts to acquire cards and keepsakes related to their beloved players. Examples of these include trading cards, highlights, team attire, and memorabilia.

Blockchain technology ensures the authenticity of NFT transactions. Despite the Pakistan Cricket Board’s proposal for a three-year central contract, players are reportedly hesitant to sign, according to an undisclosed insider.

“Though the board had nearly doubled the monthly central contract retainers and increased the match fees, the players want a bigger share from the sale of their digital rights and even increased share from what the board earns from selling broadcasting rights,” the source said.

According to reports, a high-ranking PCB representative is presently in Sri Lanka, where Pakistan is set to engage in three ODI matches against Afghanistan. The board official aims to engage in discussions with senior players to discuss the terms of the central contracts.

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