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A Super-Step Forward: Ozan SuperApp supercharges its presence in Turkey with two crucial memberships.

ISTANBUL – August 27, 2021 – (

Ozan Elektronik Para, trading as Ozan SuperApp, proudly announces a significant milestone in bringing individuals and businesses together with high-end financial technology services. 

Ozan SuperApp’s official BKM (The Turkish Interbank Card Switch) and Troy (Turkey’s domestic card scheme) membership enhances the global fintech’s presence in Turkey further. Ozan SuperApp now has direct access to the Turkish interbank network and is authorized to issue Troy debit cards directly. This is a journey enabling Turkish e-commerce growth, as well as foreign access to the Turkish market.

Licensed by the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and serving under the authority of the Turkish Central Bank (CBRT) since January 2020, Ozan Elektronik Para is now an official member of the Interbank Card Center (BKM) and Troy as of 10.08.2021. The membership represents a significant step in enabling Turkish companies to grow locally and allowing foreign companies access to one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world.

Ozan SuperApp CEO Ömer Suner says the following about the news:

“BKM and Troy memberships are significant steps that elevate our services as a whole. As Ozan SuperApp, we have taken a very important step by completing our Troy membership. We are excited to undertake significant projects with Troy and support local and international companies’ growth in Turkey.”

Ozan SuperApp founder Ozan Özerk is also enthusiastic:

“The BKM and Troy memberships are a clear manifestation of the credibility of our presence in Turkey. BKM officially has 42 members. Of these, 31 are banks and only 11 are financial institutions. As Ozan SuperApp, we are proud to be acknowledged as the 42nd member, being among a handful of prestigious Turkish financial institutions, which have been granted direct access to the Interbank switch and authorized to issue Troy cards.”

Setting off for providing future financial services to its users, Ozan Elektronik Para is an electronic money institution licensed by the BRSA in accordance with law number 6493 and has been providing services under the authority of the CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) since January 2020.

With its SuperApp application, Ozan Elektronik Para aims to offer its customers a variety of financial services on a global scale, such as opening an account in seconds, transferring funds, precious metal trade, and debit cards, meanwhile providing various lifestyle and entertainment services. 

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Ömer Suner, CEO Ozan SuperApp, [email protected] 

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Ozan SuperApp Now a Member of BKM (Interbank) and Troy


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