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Digital scents, trading cards, futuristic sneakers — Web3 is capable of much more than 2D chimp profile pictures. Case in point, NU RADIO, the brainchild of metaverse platform Realm and digital artist Oseanworld.

Even if you’ve never heard of Oseanworld, you’ve certainly heard of his previous collaborators, like Offset and Trippie Redd, or Kanye West, who once tweeted out Oseanworld’s art.

The 25-year-old has his hands in far-reaching projects like Instagram’s Digital Collectibles project and Yameii, a virtual pop idol, but somehow still has time for even more involved projects; hence, NU RADIO.

“As I was looking for people to help build NU RADIO I found people were either too impatient, didn’t want to grow as a team or just didn’t really understand my vision for where I was going,” Oseanworld said in a statement. “REALM got it though. They encouraged all of my ideas and let me to build with complete creative control and freedom.”

REALM provided the tools and guidance for Oseanworld to turn his dream into reality. Think of REALM’s toolbox, which it describes as a “decentralized, mobile-first, play-to-own platform,” as RPG Maker for the NFT age.

“We’re super excited to partner with one of the most interesting and visionary artists of the new generation,” continues Matthew Larby, REALM CEO & Co-Founder. “Seeing how artists like Oseanworld are realizing their own dreams is the truly rewarding part of the process.”

NU RADIO, launching Summer 2022 for mobile phones and eventually PC and VR, is a suitable demonstration of REALM’s capabilities.

Oseanworld’s creation drops players into an expansive hub city where they can “socialize” and “discover quests,” according to REALM. Think Second Life but filtered through Oseanworld’s SuperFlat aesthetic and framed by a fully-fledged racing game that grants winners prizes and digital clothes.

Hands-on game time will be available at the forthcoming NFT.NYC conference on July 21 though first looks can be had June 21 and 22 at Oseanworld’s New York pop-up, which kicks off a city-wide scavenger hunt for fans to seek “game coins” that may be swapped for IRL and digital prizes alike.

Oseanworld Pop-Up
251 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012
2pm – 8:30pm, June 21 & 22

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