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Onlyfans’ creator is now working on a new project called “Zoop,” which is a celebrity-themed NFT Trading Card Platform.

A new era 

OnlyFans’ creator has announced the debut of “Zoop,” a trading card platform. The Polygon network will host the decentralized NFT trading platform, which will be open to various sorts of audiences.

When RJ Phillips established Onlyfans, he opened a new era of adult industry democratization. With a new NFT initiative, he now hopes to conquer the WEB3.

Thanks to Zoop’s collaborations with various media organizations, the new ecosystem will offer properly licensed digital cards of celebrities and influencers, according to a press release.

Zoop, on the other hand, isn’t just a one-man show. A team of developers with demonstrated skills in WEB3 products will support the platform.

Zoop will allow celebrities and influencers to send each other 3D digital letters.

RJ Phillips, Zoop’s founder and co-CEO, stated that his platform will aid users in the purchase and auction of cards. 

Zoop, he said, will be a “win” for celebrities and corporations since it will provide them new avenues to communicate with their followers and consumers.

Zoop’s second novelty is that users will be able to receive incentives based on their activity. 

For the time being, however, it is uncertain what type of rewards will be offered in the Zoop ecosystem.

Collaboration with polygon with a lofty objective

Polygon Studios’ COO, Michael Blank, said the company is “thrilled” to be collaborating with the Zoop team since the initiative coincides with Polygon’s ambitions and vision of bringing Web3 to millions of people.

“We’re ecstatic to be collaborating with the Zoop team as they expand their platform on Polygon.” 

“Zoop matches with our purpose of bringing Web3 technologies to a much larger market, and allowing fans to engage with their favorite celebrities via Polygon is another step in that direction,” says the company.

At this moment, no exact launch date has been set. 

Anyone who wants to be a part of the pre-launch must first register and apply for Priority passes, which will include increased incentives and privileges like as airdrops and real-world goods. has the first batch of these Priority Passes available now.

Onlyfans Censorship  

After declaring a probable ban on graphic sex on the site last year, Onyfans raised some eyebrows on social media.

The platform attempted to defend itself by arguing that the move “obeyed the concerns of bankers and investors” at a time when they needed to acquire additional money.

For many enthusiasts, such reasons were insufficient, and amid the debate, a slew of decentralized alternatives began to emerge.

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