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Recently, Fenix International announced a significant crypto holding investment of $20 million in Ethereum that was purchased between 2021 and 2022. In addition, this development has shown the institutional attention digital assets are gaining at the moment.

In connection with that, there are speculations about the next altcoins to experience similar success, having $WSM, Bitcoin BSC , $Launchpad , $Ypred and $CHMPZ emerged as the next golden opportunities to watch.

Fenix’s $20M Investment Giving Crypto Space Significant Push

Recently, Fenix International revealed its involvement and adventure into cryptocurrency by investing almost $20 million in Ethereum between 2021 and 2022.

Nevertheless, the volatile cryptocurrency market led to an $8.5 million reduction in the value of their ETH holdings by November 2022. Later, their Ethereum assets got assessed at $11.4 million.

Despite the impairment loss, Fenix International’s move into the cryptocurrency space underscores its evolving investment strategy.

Still the reason behind this investment remains unclear, but all we know is that the crypto asset is increasingly considered a gem and profitable thing.

However, this was not the last “crypto” thing Fenix International CEO was involved in. Namely, the executives have enabled verified creators to update their profile pictures with NFTs based on Ethereum, back in 2022.

Similarly, In June 2022, two ex-Fenix International executives introduced a celebrity trading card platform, Zoop, enabling users to trade 3D digital playing cards depicting their preferred celebrities.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – Presale Heats Up, Nears Listing on Leading Exchanges

Wall Street Memes announced its entrance into the meme coin world on May 26, 2023.

Since the very start of the presale, more than $25 million has been raised in funds.

The presale period nears the end concluding in the upcoming weeks, with the initial exchange offering (IEO) scheduled for September 27. As a result, the pricing of each $WSM token will be available at $0.0337.

Wall Street Memes stands out and sets apart from its competitors due to its large and engaged community. Namely, there are over a million followers across social media platforms, backing the company substantially for its new meme coin venture.

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Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) – Buy a “Bitcoin clone” at a price launch of $0.99

Bitcoin BSC
Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC is a BEP-20 token built on BNB Smart Chain reshaping BTC with a focus on staking. Therefore, by leveraging BNB Smart Chain’s functionality, $BTCBSC promises to provide remarkable speed, security, and efficiency.

In opposition to conventional mining, holders of $BTCBSC can simply earn passive income through ways of staking for many years to come.

69% of the token supply or 14,455,000 tokens will be paid out to the participants every 10 minutes.

Bitcoin BSC is currently placed in its ongoing presale phase which comprises two phases:

  • Initial Phase – 4 million $BTCBSC tokens will be priced at $0.99 (a price you could only buy BTC at back in 2011)
  • Secondary Phase – An additional 2.125 million tokens will be on sale at the same rate

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Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) – A Revolutionary Blockchain Gateway To Web 3.0

Launchpad XYZ ($LPX)
Launchpad XYZ ($LPX)

Launchpad XYZ is a Web 3.0 dashboard with a mission to empower traders of all levels, both novice and experienced.

Its primary goal is to equip them with essential tools that enable well-informed trading decisions, providing extensive data including a diverse range of utility tokens.

Launchpad XYZ gives insights, learning, trading, and similar analytics to help investors find potential Web3 projects that will explode. Moreover, the best part about the platform is that users are free to invest in the Web3 sector, yet retaining self-custody without even leaving the interface.

In the ongoing presale, the $LPX tokens can be acquired using a range of payment methods, with the price of each token set at $0.0445. However, upon listing, the $LPX tokens will be priced at $0.0565.

Out of the total supply of 1.025 billion $LPX tokens, 250 million of them have been reserved for the presale. Also, for those lucky ones who purchase the token within the current timeframe, there’s an additional 19% bonus available.

The ongoing presale is rushing and, up to this point, it has raised approximately $1.6 million in funds.

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yPredict ($YPRED) – Master Crypto Market With AI Signals, Sentiment Analysis, and Unique Chart Patterns

yPredict ($YPRED)
yPredict ($YPRED)

Another utility project gaining rapid traction is yPredict, a next-generation AI-based trading research and analysis platform.

yPredict uses diverse AI algorithms to give the traders data and a hand in making better trading decisions to become consistently profitable.

Moreover, yPredict has the capability to recognize over 25 chart patterns, making it an incredible platform for traders who seek a competitive edge.

The presale for yPredict has already raised $3.5 million in fundraising, currently selling the token at a price of $0.1, demonstrating the increasing hype behind the token.

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Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) – The Greenest Crypto Backed Up By Eco Worldwide Organizations

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)
Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)

The whole mission behind Chimpzee is to provide a way for people to earn passive income

while simultaneously saving animals and the environment.

The Chimpzee ecosystem will be built as a breakthrough ecosystem consisting of different platforms, such as:

  • Chimpanzee shop (Shop2Earn)
  • the NFT Marketplace (Trade2Earn)
  • and the Zero Tolerance Game (Play2Earn).

The central entrance point for the Chimpanzee Ecosystem is the Chimpzee NFT Passport which is essential for earning the most passive income.

The owners of the Chimpzee NFT passport will receive more benefits, and rewards and earn more $CHMPZ coins than the users of the ecosystem projects without one.

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Notably, afterwards, the Chimpzee Diamond and Chimpzee Gold stages are most important

of the presale since they offer the lowest prices for the $CHMPZ coins, providing the

NFT passports with the most benefits and valuable rewards.

The custom Chimpzee AI avatar generator will be a breakthrough avenue that will allow users to build a personalized Chimpzee avatar. In addition, with this personalized NFT passport, users can see themselves in the game, and create their army to fight the machines destroying the forest in the virtual world.

People that buy during the presale can receive up to 100% free tokens as a bonus.

The presale for Chimpzee has already raised $1.3 million, currently selling the token at a price of $0.001.

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Seeing that more and more giant corporations and industry leaders take a part in crypto investments gives you a nicely rounded picture on how popular and profitable it is.

After Fenix International executives, it is only a matter of time for other companies to get involved in the crypto world leaving significant tracks and giving a nicely timed push for all crypto investors – both starters and crypto whales.

As the Fenix company chose Ethereum as their go-to crypto to invest their money in, we strongly believe that $WSM, $BTCBSC, $Launchpad , $Ypred and $CHMPZ could be the next picks among the giants and elite investors, because of their huge potential and incredible performance in only a short period of time after being released.